Madi’s room reveal

It was a busy week but we have completed Madi’s room.

I know that Madi and I were both excited to tackle this update and with the help of her dad and brother we made short work of it!  I recently had a small surgery so a lot of the “heavy lifting and work” fell to Chad (her dad).  I was amazed at how quickly it all came together.  We went shopping (which is like torture with this girl) and Madi got to pick out everything that went in her room!

I was so excited for the finished product!  I love creating!  That is something that we all get from our mother, she had one of the most creative minds I know.

The question though, does Madi love it?  I believe that she does but I think that I am always a bit thunderstruck by the moodiness of a 12 year old girl.  My mother always said I was a “boy mom” and for good reason.  I’m constantly flabbergasted at how to interact with this preteen girl (Madi is my niece by the way).  At her best, she is mature and delightful and at her worst, moody and brooding (which is also sort of an Anderson thing).  I keep asking her if she loves it and her answer is a shrug of the shoulders and a “yeah” which is more like a “mm-yeah”.  She really hasn’t left her room since we have completed it (except to go to school) so I am going to take that as ‘2 thumb’s up’!

Here are the results!  I also am adding in a few before so you can get the affect of the after!

Her room did need an update, it was very “little girl” and a “hodge podge” of items.

She chose her paint color, a trendy shade of grey.  I was ecstatic because I love all shades of grey, what a versatile color choice!

Her closet is the biggest transformation.  It was just an ordinary closet with one shelf and a clothing bar.  We removed that and Chad installed a closet system (DIY=savings), go dad!  The storage in her closet now has quadrupled with the new closet system.

I painted an old desk (purchased from a boutique in town) and bench.  I wanted a little bit of old, antique mixed in.  We also repainted the shelf above her desk (perfect for her nail polish display), a find from Hobby Lobby (I love that place too much).  The sweet bedside lamps were a find at Target.  Yes, I also love Target!  Her “M” got a second life as well.

She got a bigger dresser (a girl of 12 needs a lot of storage). And most importantly, a big girl bed!  We found the bed ensemble at Target, we snagged a great deal!  It is a soft cream, fur comforter and shams with 2 throw pillows!  We also got the curtains at Target (my iron blew up, so ignore the wrinkles).

And then last, her boho tapestry!  We were going to wallpaper the wall her bed sat against but finding wallpaper we could agree on was another obstacle, so we went with the tapestry and then the fairy lights to accent it!

Overall, a success!

Happy updating!


Out in the theater

Marvel Cinematic Universe, what a franchise!

10 years ago they started with the mega hit Iron Man starring Robert Downey Jr (one of my all time favorites).  He was made to play the part of Tony Stark!  In fact so much so that at times, I forget that he is really RDJ and not TS.

This week they came out with Avengers Infinity War.  I plan on seeing it with my son and his girlfriend as soon as she gets here this coming week from California (it is killing me to wait).

I have seen every movie since the first Iron Man in 2008 (many more than once).

I love these movies as do many millions of people.  It’s probably the inner child in all of us that yearns to believe in a hero and maybe, believe that we can be heroes, at least while we are watching the movie.

This week we have been watching Avengers movies, Guardians of the Galaxy, Thor and others while getting ready for the grand finale, Infinity War!  It’s fun to watch as my nephew puts aside some of his other toys to break out his Marvel toys, as he watches along with the movies.  It’s amazing where these movies can take us and our imagination!

I realize that at some point the characters that I love; Tony, Steve (aka Captain America), Hawkeye, Nat, Hulk, and Thor will have to “die”.  I haven’t accepted this yet.

I also realize that some of the newer Marvel characters; Starlord, Ant Man, Spider Man, Dr Strange, Vision and all of the others that we have come to appreciate and love, will either take the reigns or also be killed off in a dramatic universe saving (or ending) way.

Change is always hard.  Maybe also, it’s the fact that as these characters age and must be replaced, I realize I too have grown 10 years older along with Iron Man.  There is a letting go of our youth in letting go of some of these characters.  That’s hard to swallow.

But we know that all good things always come to an end.  But I’m hoping not yet.  I am hoping that the current characters make it through to the next galaxy ending event to save the day (and the universe), once again!

In the meantime, if you are a Marvel fan like I am, get to the theater, grab a bucket of buttered popcorn and enjoy the latest installment of the Avenger’s saga!




Madi’s Room Makeover-planning stage

It’s time to update Madi’s room!  She’s a mature 12 and trying to decide on a theme is a little overwhelming.  I want something that speaks to her age now and something that will take her though the next handful of years until she leaves for college.  She is at the age where she spends more time in her room and I want her to feel like it’s a safe zone to relax and unwind.

Sound impossible?  Lucky for me it is the trending style today and so finding the inspiration has been easy.  I’ve been pinning some ideas for her room.  Our inspiration rooms are definitely a soft and cozy yet, minimal and clean lined room.

We hope to emulate these rooms and then add our own little stamp of *Madi magic* on it as well!

We are ready to get started with the process but as you know, these things take a little planning and time.  I will be posting the before and after pictures, so check back soon for Madi’s Room Makeover!




My True Life Partner(s)

I think what I find most intriguing about sibling relationships is how many people don’t have them.  To me that idea is foreign because my siblings have just simply always been around.  In fact, I find it always a little surprising when my co-workers comment how my little sister, Ally and I get along so well (yep, we work in the same place).  They find us chatting in a corner, often laughing about something or coming up with a new scheme or story.  You may find this weird (because many people do) but when I see my sister at work I always get a little excited (she works supplemental, so that means, not often-lucky girl!).  See the thing is, I don’t find that weird.

Don’t get me wrong, we can fight, pull hair, scratch and punch as well as the rest of any other dysfunctional siblings out there.  But as much as we could do that to each other, if anyone else tried to hurt one of us, they would face the wrath of the other siblings.

There are 9 of us.  I have 3 sister’s Roxy, Dawn and Ally and 5 brother’s Randy, Lon and Chad.  (Daren and Douglas died when they were 22 and an infant, respectively.)  So we are now a living tribe of 7.  And I love my tribe dearly!  More than love, believe it or not we actually kind of like each other.

An article on the cover of Time magazine caught my eye several years ago, it read “your true life partner”.  I was intrigued and so I picked it up thinking, who IS my true life partner?  Turns out it’s my siblings!  The article made a lot of sense though and as I read through it, I couldn’t help but think about how true it was.

It read something like, “Your siblings are with you throughout your life.  Your parents start with you but then they leave you all too soon.  Your spouse or significant other comes later, they may stay or they may go.  Your children come in the middle.  But your siblings will see you off from the start and they will see you to the end”.

Kind of cool.  Kind of profound.

I’m sad for people that don’t know sibling like and love.  I am happy for those that do!  I can’t imagine my life without this crazy Anderson bunch!

To my tribe, we’ve had some great times, some sad times, some confusing times, some hilarious times and some hard times, each situation bonded us even more.

To my Life Partners, here’s to the past and to the future!