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My dogs are having a stressful week for very different reasons.

First, we have a doggy guest.  My furry niece Lulu is here for a few days because Ally and her family are on a little vacation.  She’s about 10 pounds soaking wet, but you would think she was 100 pounds the way she sends Zorra running. Here’s the ferocious girl now.

Zorra is is our Lab mix who outweighs her “cousin” Lulu by about 55 pounds.  You would never know it as she scurries away from Lulu every time she starts barking at Zorra, which is often.  Lulu does not allow Zorra to have any bones, she will bark at her (incessantly), which sends Zorra running, and Lulu the victor of a bone that is about half her size!  Here’s the not so ferocious Zorra.  

I have always bragged that I thought Zorra would be THE dog that would take out a would be intruder, however, I am re-thinking that theory!  Here is Lulu barking at Zorra.  Zorra was heading into the mudroom (probably to snag a little of Lulu’s food) and Lulu started to bark, which sent Zorra back-pedaling out the door.  

It has gotten to the point that Zorra will not even look at Lulu or go in the same area as her.  This is somewhat funny as Zorra usually follows me everywhere around the house.  Right now, that position has been taken up by my new wing-doggy Lulu.  Zorra is a tad out of sorts this week.  I am sure that she is hoping that Lulu is a temporary house-guest!

Elsa on the other hand is unfazed by Lulu.  In fact, Lulu usually follows Elsa around if she can’t follow me around.  Elsa has other problems this week and they come in the form of fireworks.  I’m not sure how it is in your area but the pop-pop-pop has been going on since last weekend.  Elsa is a nervous wreck.

Every 4th it is much the same for Elsa…..she spends most of it hiding under Chad’s chair (in the basement).  

She tries to come upstairs and she will wander around for a bit but then, pop-pop-pop, and she tears off again to Chad’s room.  At this point, at 9:52 pm on July 4th, she has all but given up and she has taken up shelter under Chad’s chair permanently!  The poor girl.

Last night, my sister Roxy reminded me of a very happy thought (most of mine are with dad) in regards to July 4th and my dad.  This will not surprise anyone that know me but being Anderson requires being late (it’s in the genes).  My dad was late for everything.  If we had to be anywhere, my mom always told him that the arrival time was 2-3 hours before the actual time.  Eventually, he caught on, and so we were still always (really) late then.

EXCEPT for fireworks.

Roxy said that she thought that the 4th was dad’s favorite holiday!  It was the one thing we went to almost every year, and we made it by the time the first fireworks went off!

We would of course be one of the last ones to enter the fairgrounds (where they lit off the fireworks) and instead of taking a spot somewhere on the outside of the grounds, dad would always wind his way right into the middle of the action.  The fireworks would always be right above us!  I remember as the fireworks would explode high above us, parts of it would settle all around us.

Thanks for the reminder little sister!  Made me smile as we went and watched the fireworks last night, and I thought of dad!

The 4th inspires some of the best memories of my dad looking back.


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