A dash of HUMOR

So I Lost My Phone…

….and my life pretty much stopped. 😂.

I’m not exactly sure when I lost it? All I know is that for a couple of days I was aware that I didn’t have it.  As the week wore on, I knew I would need it by (this past) Friday and so looking for the lost phone intensified.

I looked everywhere. Every crevice, couch cushion, and random spot where (on a whim) I may have set it. I even looked in the fridges and freezers. I became so desperate that I looked in the garbage, I’m not talking the cute little bin in the kitchen but the nasty ones outside.

I have always prided myself on (thinking) that I didn’t really need my phone….of course, that was before this past week. Suddenly, I realized how much I use the little 3×6 device.

I would want to check my bank account but I couldn’t (well I could but I would have had to actually log in to my computer (which sounded like a lot of work). I wanted to order something on Amazon but again, I couldn’t (and again I could’ve but that would involve logging into my computer, again not THAT desperate). I needed Google to find a recipe….but, yeah you get the idea.

Of course, I had my I-pad but that didn’t fit conveniently into my back pocket and I couldn’t communicate with it…..and that is where I was realized just how paralyzed I was without my phone. I began to realize how much I communicate with my family and friends, DAILY….on the annoying little, life dependent device. I also started to realize that my sisters probably thought I died. And my friends, I could see them texting on my Iwatch and even though I love my Iwatch, it’s not the same when communicating. It’s a bit more….annoying. And what’s even more maddening? I was getting text messages, so my phone had to be close (like 5o feet close) because the one I had was dependent on…..yep, you guessed it, my phone for service (that damn lost phone!).

I remember…what seems like yesterday (when in fact it was like 25 years ago) I would strap my kids into their car seats and set out down the road (4 hours) home to Marshall….with no cell phone. No cell phone.  Isn’t that crazy? I never thought anything of it. I’d call my parents before leaving so they would know to look for me in “so many hours” and I would start out on my journey….

Now-a-days if I back out of my driveway and head down the road and realize I forgot my phone….I screech to a halt, do a drastic u-turn and drive home like the devil is on my tail.

By never did I realize just how paralyzed I would be with a lost phone.

Everything, and I will repeat everything was on that damn phone. Apps that I used daily, multiple times a day. Of course I had my passwords saved to my phone and even with my good memory for “number and stuff” I literally was struggling to remember passwords for bank apps, social apps…not to mention contact information!

Wednesday evening rolled around and I couldn’t readily find it but I wasn’t too concerned.  Although I have never (ever) completely lost my phone before, I did have a habit of setting it the weirdest spots.  I thought I had it Thursday morning but now I’m doubting myself….maybe that was Wednesday morning…or Tuesday. My days were starting to blend one into the next because I have been off from work.

Hell, in truth I really don’t know when I last had it??

Anyway, Thursday night came and I was really going to need it because I was traveling out of town Friday….and God forbid I get out of my driveway without my phone, much less an hour up the road.

I looked halfheartedly but enough that I was getting concerned that perhaps I may not find it….

And being 100% Anderson I procrastinated right up until Friday morning to really look for it….at which point I began to realize that I really had no idea where it went. Like zero idea.

My brother Chad tried to help which pretty much ended up with him being ultra frustrated with me because …..I couldn’t remember what email I had associated with my iCloud account (I’m not even sure if I had an iCloud account??). We tried everything, every variation of every sign in and password combo that I may have. Ever. Used. At. Any. Point. In. My. Life….still Nothing.

A couple more things about being Anderson. One, we have a way of making you feel like a total idiot and somehow ashamed all at the same time, and no one has perfected this more than Chad. I was like “dude, I’m sorry….I’m old…menopause, Alzheimer’s etc etc”.

And two, when we finally reach our total limit of frustration we are like “peace out, you’re dumb” and walk away…..only to be back within a minute still trying to figure out an answer. It’s like we want to say “f*ck it” but that “Anderson don’t give up” just doesn’t…..well, let us give up.

So as I said, Chad was trying to help because if I could just remember what email I used with my iCloud account then it would find my phone….maybe. That’s what we were hoping anyway. At one point Darek, I and Chad were all standing around my computer and I was waiting for one of us to just finally blow-up! Everyone was tense, irritated and completely beyond frustrated.

Finally I decided to pretty much give up and I went to Verizon for a new phone (and Iwatch with its OWN service by the way) and the sales dude tells me that as long as I don’t activate the new phone (turn it on) I can still go home and find the old phone (which of course has all my contacts and saved information on it). I go home, we look ALL over again. Chad tries again to figure out a user name and password, so that my phone will put out a shining beacon of surrender, allowing us to find it.

But nope. Finally, I give up.

I need to leave for the cities, so I decide to turn on the new one and I start to work through setting up my new phone and watch (which takes a while).

While I’m doing that, Darek is still trying to figure out my completely messed up iCloud account situation. He’s like, “mom something is weird, your yahoo email cannot be your primary for iCloud”. I’m like “it has to be”.

Then he said “are you sure it’s not under you old hotmail account?” Damn. Light bulb moment! 💡I had deleted that email years ago but some of my account stuff still had it for primary username stuff (haha, this was one of them).

We sign in and sure enough, it works.

But sure enough, I already given up, thrown in the towel, put up the surrender flag and turned on my new phone…and yep you guessed it, it was now too late to have it ping my old phone.

As of today, my old phone remains lost.

I literally have NO idea where it went. 🤷‍♀️

For the first time, I have really lost-lost my phone.

So, if you tried texting me before Friday, you may want to now try again (Stacey), as I now have like 8 phone numbers in my phone 😉


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