Solar Powered Shed

It’s gonna happen folks! It’s not often that Bruce and I can agree on the same “fixer-upper” ideas but on this one, we AGREE! Actually, Bruce is down right excited! He loves the idea of decreasing our footprint on our injured eco-system and secretly, I think he wants to completely live off the grid! Now that I know this though I am going to have to work this angle of remodeling throughout the house…… Any idea how I can talk him into a new kitchen…for you know, purely environmental reasons….like energy efficient counter-tops? I will figure a way…

We don’t have a ton of room in our backyard but truly, it rarely gets used (other than to mow it) so that doesn’t bother me.

We already have solar panels on our house (remember, working toward completely off the grid-if one day we just disappear, that means we have gone underground) and so the idea is to add them to the “shed” (I prefer she-shed or femme-den), or somehow attach a converter to the shed then feed off the house roof panels? That all sounds very complicated to me and I will let the men worry about that B.O.R.I.N.G stuff.

I will worry about the DESIGN! Picture this!

He doesn’t come with the shed…in case you’re all wondering.

Oh man! Of course, I will have to insulate and sheet-rock it. I am unsure Bruce realizes that but it is so happening.

One side will be all of our tools (I know itsweird but I do like to build stuff, I REALLY want to try my hand hand at a chunky dining table one day!), the other a planting-gardening area. I suppose I may allow some larger unsightly items to be stored in there such as the snowblo….nah, just kidding. those items will stay in the garage!

A little fridge, possibly a TV and of course, a comfy chair……I may not ever come in from the she-shed! No wonder why men like their man-caves!

Check out some of these fun ideas!

I’m not sure about the ax?
Won’t happen (not here with heavy snow fall) but I do love this!

Okay but of course, my very favorite is…….dun dun dun….Joanna Gaines’ “she-shed”! Look at this beautiful piece of art!

Joanna…always Joanna šŸ¤” Why does she always have to be so great?

It is in the plans for next summer and I seriously canNOT wait! I will keep you posted and once we get closer to decisions, I will of course, post about it!

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