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Some ‘Rona advice…for what it’s worth.

My sister Roxy texted me and told me to “categorize and blog my COVID-19, aka ‘Rona symptoms”, so that I could better help other people that are unfortunate enough to be visited by ‘Rona. “Sure!” I responded, only to then laugh and laugh as I realized that I am the most unreliable person EVA’ with anything that involves writing things down. I mean that is essentially making a “list” and “orange” personalities do not list anything. If I do actually make a list, I forget it, lose it or simply write things down on the list, that I know that I have no intention of actually crossing off said list.

Still, I understood her idea. This new virus, “novel” (that means “new in case you hadn’t heard) in fact, is stumping the most intelligent in the scientific community, with researchers, scientists and doctors all doing their best to simply keep up, much less get ahead of this new found pandemic that is sweeping the globe.

The ‘Rona, though confusing as she has snatched up leading men into her viral laden plot such as the likes of Tom Hanks and Idris Elba, is not to be confused with any globe-sweeping, A-list (zombie) apocalypse type movies such as World War Z (Brad Pitt) or I Am Legend (Will Smith) that were so popular at one time (both a couple of my fave movies to date, why did the dog HAVE to die??) where zombies take over the world. Of course, though fun to watch, they are completely unbelievable, right? Or how ’bout a couple other globe-sweeping faves like Outbreak (Dustin Hoffman) or Contagion (Matt Damon), each about the impossible notion that a pandemic, of course flu-like in origin, sweeps the world instilling fear, inciting anecdotal unproven treatment methodologies, all while making people buy out the world’s toilet paper supplies as people barricade themselves in their homes while mass hysteria encompasses the world….oh wait, that seems oddly familiar….

Let’s shelf the argument of, “we should have seen this coming and we should have been more prepared”. Yes and yes, the “hindsight is always gonna be we shoulda, woulda, and coulda better…..”.

Let’s talk about ‘Rona and what she brings to the table, though it’s nothing we want to share, it is notable that we find out some key facts about this disease/virus/situation that will hopefully make us more prepared in the future. I am not talking about treating or curing the virus, I will leave that to the professionals. I will share some things that worked for us as we bumbled and stumbled through our own experiences of simply dealing with the ‘Rona here…plus I will share some of my thoughts, because well, I can because this is my blog….

First, as I said in my other post, the symptoms are all over the place and they varied greatly for us. Body aches were my nemesis with this illness but although Chad and Darek had them, they were not as acute as mine. Likewise, the cough that plagued Chad relentlessly was nonexistent with Darek and barely a factor for me. We were all tired and fatigued, with a generalized, difficult to explain feeling of “just not feeling good”, maybe that means malaise (I always wondered what that word actually meant?)? And ALL of us lost our sense of smell and taste!

NOW let’s talk fevers! Yes, fevers! All of us, except for save one time each, were always 99.9F and below for temperatures. We only each topped out around 100.4-100.8 once. Bruce was the only one to have classic-COViD symptoms of fever >100.8 (though not often either), respiratory issues and cough. So, when they ask the question of “did you run fevers with this?”, “YES!-low-grade” I answer, because for me that is a fever since I normally RUN lower than normal, @97.6F to which they would say, “we don’t consider that a fever”, to which I say, “well, smarty pants, I AM the one with the +++ ‘Rona diagnosis and I am TELLING you from say, idk, FIRST-HAND experience that my fevers (save ONE time) NEVER went above 99.9! Okay, I am done ranting about the fever question now….

Now a little about ‘Rona. She’s a bitch. Okay, obvious. Less obvious, she is very complex. In the proverbial “nutshell” let me try and explain basic knowledge of ‘Rona, and what I have seen personally (our own labs, xrays etc as compared to what (little, because it’s new) they (scientists and researchers) seem to know of COVID).

‘Rona is a nasty little spiked “virus” that enters our body and immediately gets to work binding with the ACE2 receptors in our lungs, then using enzymes and biomolecules (they are all large words and confusing so I am omitting for the purpose of this ELEMENTARY synopsis) in our body they initiate vicious cycles that cause ARDS (acute respiratory distress syndrome) and cytokine storms, neither are something you want. In a NUTSHELL: Essentially, ‘Rona has sophisticated survival instincts that allow her to hi-jack our cells and interfere with their normal processes that then instigate abnormal cascades that lead to respiratory and multi-organ failure. As I said, ‘Rona is a bitch.

Of course, that is the severe course of this virus and we all know that there have been very mild representations of this illness, along with those that apparently had it but had no idea (I’m almost jealous).

WHY COViD likes to be more problematic with some of it’s unwilling hosts versus others is still being researched and debated among accredited people that are much smarter than me, and with more initials behind their name, so I will leave that part to them.

What I do know is that I can tell you what seemed to help and what seemed to not help our ‘Rona experience here. Here is our story….

‘In the beginning….God made heaven and earth’…oh wait, wrong story….

Let me try again…

‘What started out a weekend like any other soon became known as the weekend before, ‘R-day, or COVID day, or ‘Rona day…..or more commonly known as March 23rd, a date that now lives on infamously in our family legacy, #brucetestspositiveforcovidday, and #firstfamilyofcovid(in our area). Great legacy.

Back to the weekend and the story, I remember feeling worn out and achy. Saturday (Mar 21st) was more the “I’m tired and blah” day and I actually didn’t even really work at the other property this day. I went there, motivated and then mostly just walked around, gave up and went home. Sunday, though I worked at the other property, I MADE myself do it and I remember being sore to the point that it was hard to hang onto the tools I was using. I remember that walking up and down the steps (that we must do multiple times a day when working there to allow for tool and saw usage) seemed an extraordinary feat this day, like each step was a mile high and my legs felt heavy as lead. I wrote it off to overdoing it. I returned home early that evening from working on the property, showered and fully anticipated dropping into bed. However, whilst we were all congregated in the kitchen (the kids had just returned from being with their mom, #badtiming) Bruce mentioned that he had a cough that he thought was worsening, he was more S.O.B and had a fever (low-grade)……

Yes, there was this thing called COVID slowly making its way across the continent, resembling something of Winter evading the South on GOT but…..nah Ned, don’t be such a downer, it’s springtime! Happy thoughts….

Still, we called the nurse line and we (the nurse and us) all decided that he would contact our primary in the morning (he wasn’t horrible but we figured he was heading in the way of (normal?) pneumonia (again!). We all went to bed, but I DO remember that night for me was pretty uncomfortable, personally I was definitely achy and didn’t rest well!

Monday, March 23rd. I woke up feeling like every bone in my body had hairline fractures in them, and I had a phenomenal headache. Lovely, hormones and allergies I am thinking, or I’m old (nope, definitely hormones and allergies)! Our PCP called that morning after seeing the note from the nurse line the evening prior and said that Bruce should be admitted to the hospital. She also very nicely explained that with everything going on and a deadly virus marching (her way) towards all of us that we would not be able to be with him and that we would need to leave him at the E.R. entrance. Huh, ah okay….. so weird and even more surreal, but we understood the situation so….

I left him at the E.R door with a wave and off to Target…..I’m joking! He was admitted to the hospital for probable pneumonia, never did we (or the doctors) think it was the ‘Rona. Of course, they brain swabbed Bruce, because they had to rule it out…..and then they lost the sample. Seriously, I am not kidding. Have you been brain swabbed? It’s not fun, well, at least I didn’t enjoy it, so the idea of having to get brain-swabbed more than is absolute necessary is frustrating! Chad also got tested this day because he had been having an unrelenting cough for weeks prior to all of this. His test came back negative. Whew! See, nothing to worry about Ned, no ‘Rona here!

Tuesday, March 24th, Bruce gets re-brain swabbed early, early in the morning, and it comes back as….POSITIVE….

Much to the surprise of well, ALL of us, he was positive! Even the doctors were left scratching their head as other than his immune-compromised state, we were otherwise “low-risk” (no traveling, already socially distancing, etc). So, of course now I have to get brain swabbed. I think how bad can it be? I will be honest, after the swabbing of the brain, I am thinking that if the FBI are needing any new terrorist torture ideas, this would be a solid option…..

Wednesday, March 25th. My results are negative. I’m still achy and a little tired but I AM NEGATIVE (singing that like the Rambling Redhead there…. YES….GOOD MORNING indeed)! However, (**sinister music playing**) Darek is not feeling well….sleeping a lot, fatigued, mild body aches and a very low-grade fever, and Chad doesn’t look a whole lot better. Hmmmm…..

Thursday, March 26th. Darek is sick. Like really sick. Barely drinking, not eating and running a low-grade fever. Super fatigued and dizzy. And Chad states that he isn’t feeling that great either. Me, still achy and I’m thinking it’s because I’m old (please God, let it be that it’s just me being old this ONE time!). So, they have Chad go back in for another brain swab.

Friday, March 27th. Chads brain swab comes back as positive (I’m not shocked at this point, as he has graduated to a lovely ashen-gray color which is not at all complimentary to our Scandinavian roots, we look best with a more rosier coloring) and additionally, he really was beginning to not feel well at all either (that escalated quickly). Now, I am also not really feeling that well either, in addition to the body aches, I am beyond fatigued, screaming headache and low-grade temp (yes, below 100).

Darek is very ill, and we decide not to make him go and get a brain-swab because it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out why he’s so ill (why you so damn generous ‘Rona?). I’m actually worried he’s gonna pass out when he gets up. He is running a low-grade fever, body aches, cold symptoms, fatigue, stomach-ache, pretty much a laundry list of symptoms. Mostly, he states that he just doesn’t “feel well” (again that description, and again does this mean malaise?). I’m trying to take care of him, Chad is trying to take care of the kids but finally has to hand off to Madi (thankfully Madi and Noli never get ill at all!) and then they (Mayo) call and want me to go and get re-brain swabbed also (based off my daily monitoring of symptoms that we had to do once Bruce was tested positive). Can we just not and say I did, and that it’s positive already? I go to the testing site (that just sounds plague-ish) and I am miserable as I wait in the car for the swabbing of the brain. I was so miserable that even though I am fairly certain the swab went beyond the frontal lobe this time, I simply don’t care. I get home and literally bee-line it for my bed and lay down thinking, ‘if I don’t lay down, I WILL be doing the “Carla Special” and pass out’ (take me at my word on that one!). While I am laying there, I am fairly certain every bone and muscle in my body is dying, or regenerating, or breaking or something, the aching was the WORST! That night the infectious disease doctor called to tell me I was positive….

Full-on ‘Rona

So, there we were….all of us except the kids, swallowed up by the ‘Rona. Bruce came home somewhere in the midst of all this (I lost track of ALL time), none of us were excited (except Bruce) as we were all still SO sick! We all felt that Bruce coming home from the hospital wasn’t the best situation for anyone, especially him. However, ironically, he seemed the best out of all of us. The weekend played out much like a plague documentary, with Darek, Chad and I all laying around in our rooms, momentarily going to the kitchen to check our temperatures, grab Gatorade and then head back to bed, like zombies (the slow ones like on Walking Dead, not those fast suckers from WWZ). We all vacillated the same symptoms, and we were definitely kicking (NO) ‘Rona ass, but we were taking (a few) names (of various MN state people calling to check in), while still trying to somehow represent the adults in the house, while the kids and Bruce largely hid in their rooms.

Rampant ‘Rona

I detail all of that out so that you can see how ‘Rona methodically picked us off one by one. You can also see that somehow it started with Bruce and I, which makes the most sense as we interact the most with each other. Who gave it to who is debatable. Neither of our work places had positive results of any of our co-workers to that point (or since), plus Bruce had already socially distanced himself with only telephone appointments at work. It could have come from me being exposed while running errands, or off a take-out box from the weekend’s eating out shenanigans. Hard to say. Then it moved to Darek, who has the second most interaction with Bruce and I, and then finally Chad. Thankfully the kids had been away until that Sunday, March 22nd (did I mention that it was #badtiming for their return), and even though we were not thinking it was COVID, we had already started to fumigate and sterilize the house that Monday, so that everyone else would not get sick.

Ironically, even though I started with some mild/moderate body aches on the weekend (22nd-ish), I didn’t get really sick until the following Friday (27th). So again, hard to say if the horse came before the cart or vice versa.

Also, ironic that the kids simply did not get sick. Like at all.

Bruce came home for a few days and then ended up going back into the hospital as he just couldn’t drink enough and became dehydrated, and honestly, I could barely care for myself, much less him (well).

POINT#1: That POINT right there is interesting to note ^ and we will stop and discuss that point right now….because again, I can because this is my blog post. Keep in mind, people need to stay home but when multiple people in the same house are very ill, how do we care for each other?? And for those not affected, and we definitely don’t want to infect them, then how does everyone co-exist, especially with children or the immune-compromised, in the SAME house? So, then they (the kids and those with fragile health) largely stay locked away to not become infected and the rest of us had to help each other, or be sick on our own and honestly, that just wasn’t feasible at times.

POINT #2: Not to mention that Bruce has been “on his own” while in the hospital, and again that is, on its own, very disconcerting for family to not be there for their sick loved one, and even more difficult for the patient. He keeps his humor though, and for that I am thankful. He did share with me that he was doing some “light” reading (he has some extra time right now) and that upon reading up on solitary confinement (the kind prisoners experience) he noted that even they (prisoners) get out of confinement 2 hours each day, so that they do not go crazy….. below is actual footage of Bruce trying to escape his hospital room…..

It’s a situation let me tell you. There are many components to this pandemic thing….

Throughout the rest of the days, it is hard to pinpoint the exact symptoms we each had, each and every day, sorry Rox. I should have detailed that out better but honestly, I felt so cruddy I just couldn’t. True story, ONE day, I did try to actually document our symptoms out so that we could see it’s impact and progression, but that literally lasted for one morning, and ONE entry. In truth, I can’t even find the sheet where I wrote our symptoms out on….did I mention that I am an “orange” personality type? but I will say that we all had roughly the same symptoms, just all varying degrees, and all at differing times.

The weekend, March 28th and 29th was not the best for Chad, Darek or I. Throughout the following week, Monday the 30th into the first weekend in April, Chad and Darek both started to feel better, slowly (ever so slowly, but Darek faster than Chad) losing a symptom each day. They both pretty much recovered, were fever-free and were basically symptom-free by that first weekend (April 4/5). However, I cannot stress enough how each day is different where one day it seems “fine”, and then the next, it’s definitely not fine. Considering, I was a few days behind the boys with symptom onset, and the fact that I am 15-19 years older than each of them (respectively), I continued to vacillate with symptoms through April 6th, with more of my symptoms improving by April 7th, and finally feeling fairly well, fever-free and mostly symptom-free by Wednesday, March 8th (that was clearly a run-on sentence there ^ Mrs. Huettle (sp)-English teacher would be so ashamed of me).

Again, it is truly hour-by-hour and day-to-day with ‘Rona. I just do NOT know how to stress that more than I am, but I will share this video so you can get another viewpoint on the nasty ‘Rona. The mental “game” ‘Rona plays is real, as explained in the linked video. You hear the horror stories of people literally declining in a matter of hours from a previously very stable condition, and literally, it’s like I was weighing out every breath to see if it was more labored than the previous (waiting for the moment I would not be able to breathe). One morning, we would feel great and feel energized enough to do some light housekeeping, only to find ourselves on the couch napping by noon. The next day, our whole day would suck but then the next another day would be another decent one. One day we would be nearly symptom-free, only to wake the next day with a pounding headache, mild fever and more body aches. All of us did not start with cold symptoms but ALL of us got cold symptoms several days into our illness. Chad coughed throughout. I developed a mild cough at the end (short-lived), and Darek, well he never coughed at all (the ex-smoker out of all of us)….and he was the first to recover….

Some advice….

Take care of yourselves starting now. Drink water and stay hydrated. Also, take a quality multi-vitamin and drink plenty of OJ (the importance of vitamins A, B, C, D and E cannot be overstated). If you suffer from low iron, supplement that. If you don’t take in enough fruits and vegetables, then find another means of supplementation (vitamins/minerals/drinks with healthy additives-and no not alcoholic!).

More than ALL of that, do NOT let ‘Rona win the mental game. I literally went to the E.R. Monday the 6th, was found to have a very minimal left pneumonia and I left thinking….”Ok, ‘Rona, that’s it, you are exiting this body!”. I went home, mentally toughened up and got my ASS off the couch, took vitamins, took melatonin, did some deep breathing exercises, did 10 minutes of proning and went to bed and made myself dispose of ‘Rona’s mental game so that I could get a good night’s sleep.

I woke up the next morning and continued the same, drank and ate health(ier), vitamins (the NORMAL recommended amount!!!!), a fruit smoothie, deep breathing exercises and 10 minutes of proning, with an added 15 minutes of meditation (Adriene on YouTube). #repeateachday

Today is Friday, April 10th, and other than a headache (allergy, truly allergies) I feel quite good (NO fevers, NO aching, NO cough, NO cold symptoms, I can completely EXPAND my lungs with GREAT 02, and I have very little residual fatigue)!!

Folks, ‘Rona can be sent to the curb!

My concern….

We live in a world where fast food and easy cooking is more cost-effective than healthy food choices and good mineral and vitamin supplementation. Starbucks coffees replace all important water for the majority (nothing against Starbucks, I LOVE YOU STARBUCKS but people do not drink enough water!) and fast food replaces home cooked meals. I get it, I am just as guilty. We live in a fast-paced, microwave society where “there is just never enough time”.

We communicate by texting, emailing and DM’ing for collaboration, and rarely do we pick up the phone or write a letter (thats a piece of paper where we write down words, usually in cursive…oh geez, okay that’s where we write our letters in a….oh, nevermind)…..

More than all of that, we continually strive for more materialistic goals like bigger SUV’s, sportier sports cars, vast amounts of throw pillows for every day of the week, a closet full of clothes and walls of shoes, and more often than not, we are continually striving for more comma’s in our paycheck. Then to house all of those things, that means that we need bigger, newer and nicer homes and because we THINK we need more room to spread out with bigger and better, we decide to impact more indigenous areas thereby increasing our footprint both on the world and eco-system. We do all of this so that somehow we can keep up with the Jones’ all the while working ourselves to the point of mental and physical exhaustion, which then leads to illness……oh, hello ‘Rona.

Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to go all minimalist or organic-ist (I just made that word up there) on y’all, I am just trying to point out my own failings as a human. I like nice things. I have traveled. I have more than one pair of shoes (tehehe) and I definitely love to beautify my space and be creative!

But additionally, I have forgotten more than remembered “where I came from”. I forgot that we had no money and lived in one room in our house with a space heater (talk about dangerous) for warmth. I forgot that making bread with butter and sugar on it was a staple food for us, along with dehydrated milk. I forgot what it meant to receive $5 (which was a lot then) from my dad so that I could go to the store. And I forgot that I literally was lucky to get one new outfit for school each year (if I was REALLY lucky I got new shoes also).

Today, because we can, we think we must, it is both a gift and a curse that we have brains and opposable thumbs.

A Lesson?

When I read into the biology of ‘Rona I can’t help but wonder if there is a message in ALL of this. Is it possible that forces larger than us, maybe Mother Nature, or perhaps your choice of deity, God, Jesus, or whatever it may be, are they sending us a message?

Is that message that we have invaded so much of this world and pushed our footprint so vastly upon it that we have disturbed what is left of the little Eco-system that remains? I can’t help but compare this to Star Wars and the “balance” between “good and evil”, or the “light versus the dark side”, or Luke vs Darth, or Ray vs Ren… get the idea. Have we disturbed the natural balance of every aspect of life so thoroughly that this is what happens? OR is it simply… and living said ‘life’, human-nature, mother-nature, and a “normal” process of existing in this world and in our lives?

And most importantly, have we forgotten (let me answer that, yes, we have) what it is like to ban together as humans to defeat a foe that is set on taking down all of us that are human, which last I checked, is all of us, everywhere around the world (which means on earth) right? Does it matter then what religion, political affiliation, color, sex or ethnicity we are when the ‘Rona comes knocking?


Every now and again, I like to get all philosophical on myself, like you just witnessed. And the above can, will and maybe should be rebuked by realists and scientists as nothing more than the natural state of….life.

What was I writing about again? Oh yeah, the symptoms of ‘Rona….. I’m not sure if I mentioned that I am an….

the “Rona

First: I will NOT be very surprised to learn that ‘Rona was probably already here (the States) long before we realized it. I mean let’s be honest, the “flu” this year was horrible and very aggressive (for the flu). We only started keeping track of the ‘Rona once we started testing for it….antibody testing will give us more answers, and possibly very interesting information!

Second: Having said ^, I want to impress upon everyone the importance of “staying home, staying put and social distancing” because well, we just do NOT know and for anyone to say differently is simply, ignorant. I am especially proud of our state of MN as we have truly taken this to heart and have (mostly) heeded the warnings, and complied with our Governor and state legislatures on this one, and our numbers show it. And I am beyond proud to work for Mayo Clinic who has really taken the high road with preparing (as best they can their employees and patients), offering sourcing, research and processes to facilitate testing, adhering to their legacy of conservative care and treatment (especially in times of crisis and confusion) and instituting helpful practices to institutions seeking guidance.

Third: We don’t know what we don’t know. Please do NOT “self-medicate” with “self-made” tinctures, please!!! The potential for (chemical) harm is worse than the ‘Rona herself.

Fourth: Please stop buying (to hoard) all the toilet paper and cleaning wipes. The first thing I learned as a child was “share and share-alike”, duh (except with my siblings, doesn’t count with them, what’s mine is mine and what’s theirs is mine)….

and Fifthly (I also made that word up), you CAN do so much NOW to help this ‘Rona thing to “not be too big of a deal”.

  • Stay home (for just a little longer).
  • Social distance (when you do need to go out).
  • Wash your damn hands! and use hand-sanitizer when out and about.
  • Cover your face, especially if you have cold symptoms but for now, it’s probably just a good thing. Please don’t buy a mask (can’t find them anyway, and even if you can, let’s please leave those for the first-line healthcare workers) and even better, if you’re the crafty sort, sew your own simple face mask!
  • Share toiletries (not used ones of course).
  • DRINK plenty of water and healthy fluids like OJ, OJ, OJ, teas and fruit smoothies (kids LOVE these healthy options and they think they are a TREAT-win, win!).
    • seriously, just blend up fruit (fresh/frozen), add in non-sweetened yogurt, orange juice, almond milk, teaspoon-tablespoon honey, and some (vanilla) protein powder and wahlah….health(ier) fruity fix drink!
    • Then if your craving chocolate, blend up almond or dairy milk, half banana, tablespoon peanut butter and some (chocolate) protein powder and wahlah…health(ier) chocolate fix!
  • Be sure to take a multi-vitamin (each family member) daily.
  • Eat healthy (80/20 rule, eat healthy 80% of the time and allow fun foods 20% of the time). Eat an ORANGE before a donut (I love donuts too but they seriously have ZERO nutritional value)!
  • Use vitamin and mineral supplements (as DIRECTED on label please!!) like zinc, vitamins A, B, C, D and E, elderberry. AGAIN, I feel the need to include this article from Healthline on the proper use of vitamin and mineral supplementation.

As much as we can fuel and prepare our bodies for this virus, which in truth, is our only and best defense against the ‘Rona or any other illness, cannot be overstated enough here in this blog post! Yes, we cannot prevent disease (vaccinations aside) but we can make our bodies strong enough to put up one hell of a fight!

Also, I have been watching Chris Cuomo on CNN and I would agree with what he says. This (the ‘Rona) changes often throughout the course of the illness, but there are a couple of important things that can help! He offers some helpful advice in dealing with this nasty virus himself….

  • Deep breathing and working our lungs before, during (if we have it already) and after ‘Rona is very important! I felt so much better AFTER I started to do breathing exercises (take a deep breath in, hold for 5 seconds and release, repeat x5 then on last deep breath in, cough), and proning (laying on your stomach for at least 10 minutes a few times a day).
  • You do NOT have to have COVID to start doing this ^, work your lungs NOW!
  • Following social distancing guidelines, if you can get outside and walk, do that! If you can bike, do that. If you can hike, do that! If you can’t because of illness or inability, do the above breathing exercises!
  • And above all else, right now is a GREAT time to QUIT smoking! This virus attacks the lungs, do not give it more leverage than it already has!

At the end of the day, use common sense. Look out for your family, friends, co-workers and community members by social distancing, washing your hands and utilizing face masks (think of it as protecting your community, which is our civic duty).

Mostly, let’s respect that there are varying ideas about COVID-19 (it’s origin, government action/inaction, good/bad leaders, “realistic”/”crackpot” theories, political agenda/non-agenda’s, and positive/negative media affiliation) and with so many differing opinions, let’s agree now to disagree.

Whatever one may believe, ‘Rona is here….and I can tell you that she is quite real, she leaves a scar (mentally, physically and emotionally) that will only be evident with time. Before this is over, YOU will be affected in some way by ‘Rona (the illness itself, economic ramifications, loss of loved ones) and that leaves all of us with just one option….

Together, globally, nationally and communally, for the sake of safety and camaraderie, lets do our best to work together to defeat ‘Rona, so that we can ALL get back to living!

Finally (yes, I am done…little did you know this post was a short story….)

So, there you have it, what I know in a nutshell about COVID.

Beyond that, I do not know what day it is, or when I last showered but I did just recently find out that the wheel was invented during my time of isolation, so much will be possible now….


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