A dash of HUMOR


I’ve been meaning to get a new post out all week (and last) but every time I head to the office to get started, I get distracted!

Since we had a our mini flood a few weeks back, it feels as though I haven’t sat down.  It started out with the simple move everything out of the way so that we could dry out the areas that got wet from the flooding, and that lead to my bedroom makeover (two floors above), the mini bathroom make over and my main floor overhaul, complete with sanding windows and trim, and re-staining and resealing all of that.

I hope I am not the only one that does this?

I stumbled upon a quote from @twobirdsathome (love their quotes, they usually make me giggle and are so life-for-real!) that read something like “some call it multi-tasking.  I call it doing something else while I try to remember what I WAS doing in the FIRST place”!  Haha!  TRUTH. in. REAL. life!

Case in point:  As I was sanding and re-staining our wood windows (HAD to have them when we built you know), and trim I decided to clean all my lights because my ladder was already in the house and my main floor living area has 10ft ceilings.  Makes sense right?  So up the ladder I go to take down the globe, clean it and then put energy efficient bulbs in it and and realize I need a different size.   Well, the only way to get the globe off completely is to take the pull chains off the light.  I don’t want to mess with that so I very tentatively let go of the globe and see if I can let it hang by the chains.  So to reiterate, the globe is hanging by two very small pull chains BUT…..it looks like it will hold while I make a QUICK trip to the kitchen to grab the other bulbs.

Fast forward about 20 minutes later, I am sanding part of the trim that I noticed was particularly bad around the pantry door (where the bulbs are stored) and I hear Darek behind me…

Darek:  mom, why is the light in the living broke?

Me:  What do you mean broke…..? (as I am half listening and continue to sand)

Darek:  Well, it is just hanging there there by some wires or something…..

Me:  SHIT!  <run back to the living room>

Yep, there it was, the globe still hanging by two tiny chains just daring me to further chance that they hold.  I race up the ladder damn near tipping over in the process and grab the globe….

Darek:  What happened?

Me:  <I can’t even explain this one>  I forgot that I was changing out the bulbs and got distracted.

Darek:  <blank stare>  Mom, I think you are losing it…..

Me:  <thinking ‘you have NO idea’>

So back to this post….and to my point.  I am something like Dug from Up…..easily distracted!  I believe that I have mentioned that I have flooded my house(s) a few times?  I have been meaning to get some posts out, and they are in the works….if I can just focus, such a hard thing for me at times 😉

Seriously though, the sisters and I have some great posts up and coming so be looking for them!




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