A Stag, A Dragon and Wolves Oh My! (Game of Thrones style)

NERD alert….me, I’m the nerd, and I love delving into fun scenarios with GoT. Strap in for some of my tinfoil ideas…

In just 7 days the 8th (and final) season of Game of Thrones starts! When season 7 ended in August of 2017 (yep, you did read that right!), it seemed forever before April (14), 2019 would be here. Yet, here we are, as always time flies! And now I believe everyone is in the same boat. We all want answers to ‘who IS the Night King‘? Just who the heck will be the ‘Prince who was Promised‘? But the question I think I hear everyone talking about the most is, who will sit the ‘Iron Throne‘?

When Game of Thrones first started, it seemed that was THEE question that was to be answered, however, we now know that there are so many layers to this story that that answer is complex, yet simple….and probably has no definitive answer. And more importantly, I would argue that the backstory behind the Iron Throne is the true story to a Song of Ice and Fire.

There are so many theories, and such good ones for the questions above. Truly, the theories and the “leaks” have kept everyone engaged since season 7 ended. It is funny, because it would seem with such a long hiatus between seasons, people would have fallen off the “GoT frenzy wagon”, but instead it has only gotten more crazy!

My sister Roxy asked me to do a little post about how I thought things may go this last season. Of course, I have no idea but like so many I have spent the time between seasons reading, and pondering just where GRRM, D&D and HBO will take us to for the final conclusions.

Okay, so like seriously, I have ZERO clue, it’s just been fun reading theories and trying to figure out where GoT may take us this last season.

HOWEVER that said, if you don’t want any potential spoilers, even from events that have already happened and you may not be up to speed to season 8, then please close out NOW!


I think at the end of the story, we will find that there are no easy answers to the above questions, and just knowing how GRRM thinks about good vs evil, and how he feels about environmental and political issues, we can imagine that there are strong points to his overall story.

For me, I believe that the crux of the story lies in antiquity, and how possibly history, legend, truth and lies provide an uncertainty with the present, and complicates the future. Often, the current players in any situation whether it be real life, or fiction are dealt with the reality of mistakes of the past, often not their own, that impact an uncertain future.

I believe that is where we find our story that is the:

Game of Thrones

and A Song of Ice and Fire


In the beginning of time on Westeros……GIANTS and the CHILDREN of the FOREST (tCotF) first co-existed, both were mysterious non-human races.  The fIRST MEN (fM) came (from Essos) 12,000 years before the start of the story that we know as a Game of Thrones.  Men destroyed much of what the Children of the Forest (CotF) held sacred, including their Weirwood trees.  In desperation, tCotF created the WHITE WALKERS (WW’s), who were “born” of powerful and untested magic.  For a time tCotF could control the WW’s, but soon they would break free of the Children’s control and posed a threat to anything living.  This “rebellion” of the WW’s came to be known as the Long Night, which occurred about 8,000 years ago.  The First Men and the Children realized that they needed to work together to defeat the WW’s, and push them back north, to the Lands of Always Winter.  This became known as the AGE OF HEROES (AoH) (8,000-10,000 years ago), and was also when tCotF and tFM signed their pact for peace.  This was also the time that heroes such as Bran the Builder (BtB) and Lann the Clever (LtC) first became known.  That peace would last until the Andal invasion (6,000 years ago), then things in Westeros changed.  The Children were pushed deeper into the forest, and most feared lost and the few that remained lived north, beyond the Wall.  By the time AEGON I TARGARYEN conquerored Westeros 300 years ago, there had been no contact with tCotF for thousands of years.

The Battle of the Beings:

The Night King vs the Three Eyed Raven, these two entities are the backstory of aSoIaF and GoT. Let’s look at them a little closer.

The story of ICE:

Uncertain HISTORY:

We need to go back to the age of heroes, and to  BRANDON (the BUILDER) STARK.  We have to begin with our very first Stark, as I believe it all starts, and ends with him.  The Kings of Winter (ICE) and Lords of Winterfell from House Stark descended from Brandon, who was “magical”, and that magic was passed down through the generations.  It is said that BtB had the ability to skinchange, and warg. Brandon the Builder lived during The Age of Heroes, and most scholars agree that an ancient king’s actions have been exaggerated into legend, as BtB is connected with an improbable numbers of great works, over a span of seemingly numerous lifetimes. 

“The tales have likely turned some ancient king, or a number of different kings of House Stark (for there have been many Brandons in the long reign of that family) into something more legendary.”

No one can even say for certain if Brandon the Builder ever lived. He is as remote from the time of the novels as Noah and Gilgamesh are from Mour own time.”  ~GRRM 


Brandon the Builder: born with ‘magical’ (warging/greenseeing) abilities. THE LONG NIGHT HAPPENS, so BtB went in search of tCotF with his 12 companions, a horse and a dog, losing each companion along the way. BtB/Last Hero alone found tCotF, who instead captured him (possibly recognizing his magical abilities) and imbued him with a dragonglass dagger to the heart (against his will), making him more magical and IMMORTAL. This is where it becomes uncertain IF BtB already had the ability to greensee, or if it was part of the magic of the CotF. Regardless, it would become apparent that Btb would also have the ability to greensee. BtB then used his (increased) magical abilities to turn (warg) the Others/WW’s back to tLoaW, then along with tCotF, he built the Wall and laced it with magic; at this point, I would argue that the Wall was meant to protect BOTH sides. It was at this time that he formed the Nights Watch to protect the Wall. He then built Winterfell and founded House Stark and the Stark lineage, and became King In the North (KitN). Later he would step aside for his son to be KitN, becoming the 13th Lord Commander (LC) (for 13 years). During his time as LC, BtB (half human/half Other) “fell in love” with a “woman” (possibly an Other/WW) beyond the Wall, proclaiming them the Night’s King (N’sK) and Queen (N’sQ). It was said that together they made sacrifices to the WW’s and used “dark magic” to control the Nights Watchmen. Eventually, the N’sK was defeated by Brandon the Breaker and King Jormun, then they exiled BtB beyond the wall. It is at this time that he became (through the centuries) what we know today as the Night King.

We Free Folk have our stories, too. About how one of your King Crows found something… cold in the woods, with bright blue eyes. How he brought her home through your Wall and declared himself “Night’s King.”  ~Ygritte

Old Nan claims to know a version of the tale where the “Night’s King was actually a Stark, ‘brother’ to the King-in-the-North, named Brandon”.  

“Night’s King was only a man by light of day”, Old Nan would always say, “but the night was his to rule”. 


What we know is that we have no idea who the Night’s King was, only that he lived during the time of the Age of Heroes.  We also know that whoever he was, his real identity was buried deep after his “defeat”, and all records of him (tN’sK) were destroyed.  That has always been so intriguing to me, because WHY would anyone need to do that?  Unless they are trying to cover-up who the Night’s King actually was.  I would argue that instead of “forgetting his name”, they embellished him, at least the (last) “hero” part of him, which is Brandon the Builder Stark.  The Night’s King part of him did, in fact, get buried and lost to time and lore.

Even if we argue that we are unsure if the Night’s King of the book, and the Night King of the show are one in the same, we are sure that the Night King was once a man (via the show).  And I would bet a fairly important one.

GRRM was asked if the Night’s King and the Night King are one in the same?  His response, “as for the Night’s King (the form I prefer), in the books he is a legendary figure, akin to Lann the Clever and Brandon the Builder, and no more likely to have survived to the present day than they have”.


“Night’s King was only a man by light of day”, Old Nan

If, BtB looked human with ‘bright blue’ eyes, he would appear to have “lived multiple lifetimes”, because, he did! The dragonglass would’ve made him immortal, though he looked like a man.

During this time he would have fathered children with human women, establishing the Stark lineage.  At one point he would have stepped aside for his son to become King in the North and then BtB would’ve headed to the Wall (as Jeor Mormont did for his son), which at that time was considered an honor. The rest of the story is now legend.

But with all things legend, there is more fiction than truth.  Once at the Wall, BtB fell in love with an Other/WW woman, and from there the legend becomes very vague.  Whether or not there was dark magic and sacrifices (baby Snows and Starks?) is as much lore, as fact.

“He (tN’sK) fell in love with a woman “with skin as white as the moon and eyes like blue stars”. He chased her and loved her though “her skin was cold as ice, and when he gave his seed to her he gave his soul as well….”

“Love is the death of duty.”

The truth is hidden in layers. So, it could be entirely possible that to keep the Others beyond the Wall, and to perhaps “control” his Other wife, he did start to lose his “human self” to his powers…..to the ‘Other’ side.

“It’s beautiful beneath the sea, but if you stay down too long you will drown.”

Is this what happened to BtB? Did he find himself staying too long ‘warged into his Other side, his Other wife and WW’s’? Did he lose himself to that side? Instead of our Bran warging around through time, is this actually referring to Brandon the Builder Stark, and not our current Bran? If BtB stayed too long, and started to lose himself to his Other side, then reality and time would have in fact started to blur for him, until he became the Night King. And what is he now? A man, or an ICE God?

“….when he (BtB/N’sK) gave her (N’sQ) his seed, he gave her his soul…

It is entirely possible that he simply served BOTH sides, human and Other. This may be the reason that Brandon the Breaker and King Joramun attacked him, out of fear.

“Warg.  Shapeshifter.  Beastling.  That is what they will call you should they ever hear of your wolf dreams.” Jojen

“Who will call me that?”  Bran (afraid of those names)

“Your own folk.  In fear.  Some will hate you if they know what you are.  Some will even try to kill you.”  Jojen

(the ugly) TRUTH:

In my opinion, Brandon the BUILDER Stark, was in truth the LAST HERO during the first LONG NIGHT who went to find tCotF for their aid, but was turned against his will into what would become the NIGHT KING we see today.

”The villain is the hero to the ‘other’ side. ~GRRM

and the story of FIRE:

uncertain HISTORY:

We need to go back to the beginning of time on Westeros, to the time of the Children of the Forest, and learn of the strongest among them known as the Greenseers.

The greenseers were the wise men of the Children of the Forest who had magical abilities that included power over nature and prophetic visions. While one in a thousand men is born a skinchanger, one skinchanger in a thousand is born a greenseer. It is also mentioned that humans can be born greenseers just as they are born wargs. Known greenseers:

  • Bran Stark : also a warg/skinchanger
  • Jojen Reed, lethally injured by wights and mercy-killed by his sister Meera (jojen had green-dreams but wasn’t actually a “greenseer”.
  • The Three Eyed Raven/Brynden Rivers: warg (crows) and skinchanger (Ghost?)
  • AND, the Night King (obviously, he was waiting for Jon&Co); also warg/skinchanger

Greenseer is the title given to people who possess the magical ability to perceive future, past or distant events in dreams known as Green Dreams. According to legend, greenseers were much respected by the CotF.


Eventually, the most ancient of the Children, the Greenseers became extinct. What we know is that this role as the ancient greenseer was then passed to man, the last being the Three Eyed Raven (TER) (Crow (TEC)-books). In the show we are not given a name to the TER, but in the books we know that the TEC is most likely Brynden Rivers, a bastard born Targaryen (FIRE) who was once LC of the N’sW but was assumed dead after he went missing on a ranging mission while at the Wall.

The Three-Eyed Raven was the last greenseer, a human living among the last of the CotF beyond the Wall. His real name is unknown (assumed to be Brynden Rivers). Under the guise of a three-eyed raven, he appears in Bran’s vision-dreams, following his fall and injury, prompting his quest beyond the Wall and guiding him to the cave in which his real human body resides. There, Bran is trained in the magic of the greensight.

The three-eyed raven appears to have been an ancient and immensely powerful greenseer who could perceive the past, present and future through visions and time travel with ease. He helped Bran travel back in time to the past to allow him to see his father’s (Ned) history and to realize the true importance of Hodor in his destiny. He could undergo periods of greensight for seemingly unlimited periods of time without interruption from outside forces, showing his immense magical ability.

The TER/Greenseer have been many “beings” throughout the ages, but their collective is ONE. So in regards to our Bran now, he is ALL of the greenseers of previous. They are “many in ONE”.


“But Lord Bloodraven said that when you pardon rebels, you only plant the seeds of the next rebellion.” ~Egg

The most important fact to note about Brynden (as a man) was his unrelenting loyalty to the Targaryen line, and his commitment to see a Targaryen sit the Iron Throne. To this he would see no end, even killing his own brother’s (Balckfyres), which found him north of the Wall as a Nights Watchmen (instead of being killed). This history is imperative to current and future events in Westeros

Brynden has been the THREE EYED RAVEN long enough to put all the pieces that he needed into play (Mel, Varys, R+L=J, Dany+Dragons, “mad” king Aerys, Littlefinger, etc).

“BURN THEM ALL!” ~the Mad King Aerys

Why was the Mad King screaming “burn them all”? Jamie assumed it was because he wanted to burn his subjects in Kings Landing. Fans of Game of Thrones have speculated it was Bran, warging around trying to get the Mad King to burn the White Walkers. Unless Bran is totally off on his time traveling, this makes no sense. When Aerys sat the throne, the threat of the White Walkers was simply myth, as they had not been heard from in centuries. Instead, I would argue that it was Brynden, as the TER either warging, or projecting dreams onto Aerys, truly wanting him to burn Kings Landing knowing that a rebellion was in the midst. Doing so would have killed most of the conspirators, left the country in chaos, and it would’ve put Aerys’s son Rhaeger on the throne (had he done it before Rhaeger died in battle).

Aerys in the books, “Let him [Robert] be king over charred bones and cooked meat”.

Remember, first and foremost Brynden was a powerful “sorcerer”, especially with the “dark arts” (which to me is visions in flames, “mad” voices and burning people), and even more than that, manipulative. We only see the events that the TER/Brynden wants us to see, wants Bran to see.

I would argue that tTER set everything in motion by having Bran come to him, knowing he would be marked whilst allowing the Night King south. tTER knowing that tNK had but one agenda, to kill him could easily manipulate all the pieces into place (including bringing Jon, Dany and the dragons north to acquire a dragon).

After all, we are dealing with two powerful beings (tTER and tNK) with the ability to warg, skin-change and green-see.

But WHY would Brynden as the TER do this, bring so much death just to sit a new ruler on the Iron Throne?  What better way to restore a Tagaryen dynasty than by bringing everyone together with the threat of a LONG NIGHT, and certain death by a really “bad guy”?

Enter THE GOOD GUYS (and gals), Queen Dany and King Jon (Aegon VII). One seemingly with a birthright, who is a brilliant conqueror, and the other, the true hidden ruler, and one that could unite the northerners and wildlings, and then the realm under his lead as they fight THE BAD GUYS (the NIGHT KING and his army).



It would seem to me that there is NO Fire God or Ice God.  Instead we have two MEN; one MAN (BtB) that already had subtle Stark magical abilities, who was then turned (against his will via an obsidian dagger via Leaf) into what we now know as the Night King, and imbued with even greater magic, untested and dark, who indeed appears God-like.  Then we have another MAN (Brynden), who was also magical (Targaryen lineage), but he then also dealt in DARK untested magic (R’holler), who indeed appears God-like, who was essentially part of the Weirwood Net, and that MAN is now Bran.  These are men, who either knowingly, or unknowingly are using magic and manipulation, and I would argue that the greatest of the manipulators is indeed the “good guy”, the Three Eyed Raven.  If we consider that the man tied to the tree (who I assume is BtB) was FORCED into becoming the Night King, and if we also consider that Brynden who became the Three Eyed Raven did so perhaps willingly (to attain and control the magic in the land), then just who are the bad guys?


Remember that the White Walkers are thousands of years old, coming from the time preceding the Age of Heroes. Born of powerful and untested magic they were created to protect tCotF from the fM who had waged war on them ever since they had arrived from Essos. However, the White Walkers eventually broke free of the Children’s control and became the most feared creatures in Westeros, posing a threat to anything living,  enter the creation of BtB who would become the “Night King”.  The CotF did not have the power to “control the WW’s”, so they created someone who they thought could. A really GOOD magical guy (BtB⇔NK), to control really BAD magical guys (WW’s)

In the scene with the man (who I presume to BtB), we see only Leaf and the other Children. I would argue that there is another, the most ancient and “wisest” of their tribe, the greenseer either there out of sight, or one who has tasked them with “creating” BtB to be stronger than the WW’s, who would “rule them all”.

“…one ring (ruler) to rule them all….” ~tLotR

“He (Night’s King) was a Stark of Winterfell, and who can say? Mayhaps his name was Brandon.” ~Old Nan 

Leaf and the other Children did NOT turn BtB alone, I believe that the most ancient in their tribe, the Greenseer (the TER)was also involved

Isaac Hempstead Wright on his character and the Night King:  “I think it’s less that they’re the same person and more that they’re two of the ancient beings of Westeros. The Three-Eyed Raven has been around for God knows how long, and White Walkers have been reported since the beginning of time. As we’ve seen, they were created by the Children of the Forest, so we can’t get much more ancient than that.  Perhaps we can think of it as these are two characters with a huge amount of power, but one is a Frankenstein’s monster who is driven by nothing but hatred and violence.  Then there’s Bran, who uses his powers for good.

BRAN as the TER

“He died so you could find what you lost,” the TER says of Jojen’s sacrifice.

What did Bran lose? ⇒ his ability to “greensee”. We know that Bran could warg, we witnessed that in the book and show. What we realize he didn’t understand was his ability to greensee. In the show, we see both Bran and Rickon have this ability (they each have the dream of Ned and the crypts). The TER reached out to Bran once he was injured, and his subconscious was open while he was in a coma. It was at this point he would realize his “green dreams” and his ability to greensee.

“Most of him has gone into the tree … He has lived beyond his mortal span, and yet he lingers. For us, for you, for the realms of men. Only a little strength remains in his flesh. He has a thousand eyes and one, but there is much to watch. One day you will know.”  ~Leaf to Bran

“The villain is the hero to the ‘other’ side. ~GRRM

While one in a thousand men is born a skinchanger, one skinchanger in a thousand is born a greenseer.

“A knight is what you want, but a warg is what you are.  You can’t change that, deny it or push it away.  You are a winged wolf but you will never fly unless you open your eye (poking Bran on his forehead).”  ~Jojen

“How can I open it if it is not there?”  ~Bran

“You will never find it with you fingers.  You must open your heart.  Or are you afraid?”  ~Jojen

Master Luwin says there’s nothing in dreams that we need fear.”  ~Bran

“There is.”  ~ Jojen

“What?”  ~Bran

“The past.  The future.  The truth.”  ~Jojen

The last Bran(don) Stark is the strongest skinchanger AND greenseer born at the time that the THREE EYED RAVEN/CROW is going to die.  The TER needs to find a replacement, which is our Bran…who happens to also be linked to the Night King via the first Stark, BRANDON the BUILDER……who are each the last hero.  Confused yet?

Bran: “The Three-Eyed Raven taught me.”

Sansa: “I thought you were the Three-Eyed Raven.”

Bran: “I told you it’s difficult to explain.”

Yes it is…


“The battle of good and evil is a great subject for any book and certainly for a fantasy book, but I think ultimately the battle between good and evil is weighed within the individual human heart and not necessarily between an army of people dressed in white and an army of people dressed in black. When I look at the world, I see that most real living breathing human beings are grey.”  ~GRRM

The past, the future, the truth…..

BtB ⇔ LH ⇔ tNK ⇔ tTER ⇔ LH ⇔ Bran


“It’s an incredibly emotional haunting bittersweet final season and I think it honors very much what [author George R.R. Martin] set out to do—which is flipping this kind of story on its head.”  ~Bryan Cogman


The NK marches south to seemingly do one thing: kill the TER (now Bran). We see him personally kill the TER (Brynden), instead of letting his Walker lieutenants, or his undead hoard. It was the FIRST time we saw the NK ‘make a kill’ himself. It was symbolic.

He killed his creator (or one of them).

Is that all he wants? Just blind vengeance and revenge on the entity that created him? That just doesn’t seem very GRRM-like. To me that just says, Bran is good as the TER and the BtB is evil as the NK. “Good guy wins and bad guy dies”, which is very Lord of the Rings-like. We know that GRRM admires Tolkien, however, he has always felt his novels were “too storybook”. With that in mind, we need the whole “flipping this on it’s head” idea to happen.

I would imagine that Bran, alone or with the help of his buddies, will figure out an answer that resolves the problem, to a bittersweet end.

What might be that end?

“The lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.”

I can’t help to think this implies both our Bran Starks, the first and the last of the Stark line. Truly, they are both “lone” wolves. BtB as the Night King, exiled in the north, once a hero to man, now a villain. And Bran, a hero to man, but a villain to the other side, exiled in his mind.

“You died in that cave.” ~Meera to Bran

It would be pretty poetic, and VERY BITTERSWEET that the first and last ‘Bran Starks’ both HAVE to die to eliminate the magic, and the cycle?    Our sweet Bran, destined to a life beyond his control from the beginning of time.  And for BtB, a man who tried to be a hero, ended up being deviled and alienated for trying to serve both sides of a compromise for peace (something he didn’t start but tried to end).  Someone that for his whole existence has lived in exile, watching from afar as his family built a legacy….of lies.


If we do argue that our current Bran and Bran the Builder are the embodiment of ALL the Bran(don)’s than things can get pretty deep, pretty quickly.

Thousands and thousands of years ago, Brandon the Builder had raised Winterfell, and some said the Wall. Bran knew the story, but it had never been his favorite. Maybe one of the other Brandons had liked that story. Sometimes Nan would talk to him as if he were her Brandon, the baby she had nursed all those years ago, and sometimes she confused him with his uncle Brandon, who was killed by the Mad King before Bran was even born. She had lived so long, Mother had told him once, that all the Brandon Starks had become one person in Old Nan’s head

With this in mind, we could assume that each Bran(don) along the way has been different in body, but they share the same (sub)conscious. If this is true, then it does make the idea that Brandon the Breaker defeating/exiling Brandon (the Builder) Stark who was the Night’s King, even more tragic. That in itself is a very dark secret that they would want to keep hidden.

The long hyped theory is that Bran IS the Night King….and that is not necessarily true. I don’t believe (our current) Bran went back and warged Brandon the Builder, and “got stuck under the sea too long” and became him. I think that through the centuries, the Bran(don)’s are “reincarnations” (of sorts), with the same (sub)conscious. However, through time, each Bran(don) “forgot” (lost in translation sort of thing) more and more of each preceding Brandon along the way.

When Bran first reaches the Three Eyed Raven he asks him why he sent for him. The TER tells Bran he brought him to the cave “so you could find what you have lost”. What did he lose? He lost his knowledge of how to use his powers. His reference to Bran “flying” again is in fact, to fly through time. To see time. And yes, to fly through his crows (and possibly by warging Viserion).

Also, there is an idea that our current Bran somehow brought about the events of Jamie Lannister throwing him out the window. I could see this either way. It may be in some way Bran manipulating events (if so then he brought about the War of the Five Kings and really sent the country into chaos) OR it could also be tTER, as it seems somewhat malevolent and very helpful to his agenda. It was also probably the only way that tTER could quiet Bran’s mind enough to allow him to reach his sub(conscious) through his coma.

SO currently, Bran and the (BtB)/NK are not one in the same, yet. We are still watching that play out. We are still IN the time loop watching the events unfold. For a small fraction of time, Bran MAY in fact “become” (warg) the Night King, before he either defeats the NK or possibly dies along with him (as one). (That would be very dramatic and very bittersweet, especially if Jon does in fact have to do that in some way.) Stay with me, and keep reading….

If we look back at the Hodor incident, we see that the past had already been written, much like the Night King has already been written.

IF the theory is true that Bran can only warg someone when he is with them in the present, while visiting the past (like Hodor present, and past) then it’s possible that Bran wargs the Night King while around him in the present making him the Night King, Bran, BtB and the TER all at once. We may see Bran attempt just that, to go back and warg the Night King in the past, while with him in the present, but it would still to be the same end. He still cannot change the past. Follow?

SO the theory that Bran IS the NK and the TER are somewhat correct if the above plays out…..

BtB ⇔ LH ⇔ tNK ⇔ tTER ⇔ LH ⇔ Bran.
It’s a time loop (of sorts).
“Everything is something that you have seen before.”  ~Littlefinger

It’s important to note that (I believe) Bran and BtB are not one in the same. BtB was the first Stark, Bran is our last Stark, with a whole lot of other Brandons in between. However, it would seem fate will bring them together, for a time Bran MAY indeed be the sum of all the men.

There must always be a (Brandon) Stark in Winterfell

More than likely, this was a “rule” put into play by the first Brandon (the Builder) Stark, so that “he” would always be there to keep Winterfell safe. By touching “himself” he reliquished the “magic” that was created to hold him on the “other” side of the Wall.

Breaking the Cycle, the Wheel or the Loop.

This will be the most important question that Bran has to answer.

He should realize that the “ink is dry” (if he hasn’t already), because Hodor was ALREADY Hodor before Bran was born, so Bran should realize that the (time) loop (events) has already been set into motion. With that in mind, he has to think and strategize what his end game is in regards to BtB/NK.

Is it possible to STOP the NK? Does he have to be “healed” in some way so that he can die. Is it enough that Bran sees the truth and can somehow acknowledge all the wrongs, to make it right?

Maybe it would be easier to look at the NK as someone who was once a man. We do see that at one point he was just that. With that in mind, let’s look at him as that man, possibly BtB marching south, and not the icy cold villain we see now. Does that change things? Does that change things for Bran?

Why BtB marches south now, after all these centuries, is THEE question. I cannot believe that GRRM would write an entirely “evil” character, it’s not his writing style. The question becomes whether HBO will take that same idea, or if they will run with the “bad guy, good guy” scenario.

My personal opinion, I do not believe he is all bad. Perhaps he marches south because he is watching the destruction of so much of what he “built”. Man not only cast him out, but they have betrayed (and destroyed) his very memory by fighting for trivial ideas, such a thrones and castles.

Is that why he looks at Jon as he does. Does he see in him none of that greed? Does he see in him only a man trying to do what he feels is right (ever Ned’s “son”). Clearly, he has allowed him to live, leaving him to his own wit (and luck (good and bad).

^ This I believe is not a “come at me bro” sign as it is more of a “you can’t stop this, it’s bigger than you…and “you (truly) know nothing Jon Snow”, because “the past is dark and full of lies”.

So the question comes to mind, would Bran realize, “the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives”. If that is the only way that the Night King can be truly defeated, then DOES Bran/tTER have to die along with the BtB/NK?

There may be one other alternative to the above….see Jon below.

The “gosh i hope not” ending

The only caveat to this is if GoT is indeed a time loop that will just reset itself. Once this current time loop plays out, with BtB as the NK coming south to find Bran as the TER, is at this point that Bran then becomes the NK, and he once again marches north? I hope not. I REALLY hope not because essentially, no matter what our characters have done or will do will not truly matter, as it was already predetermined. I am the type of reader that likes a resolution, although this may not be the author to deliver that end.

The “TINFOIL HAT” ending

I do see one alternative however.

“it is time for you to become me…” ~the TER to Bran

Don your tinfoil hats please….

Every time I watch the scene where Leaf stabs the man with the dragonglass, I can’t help but think that tTER looks..guilty, and almost sad.

If Brynden is indeed tTER, can he have a double agenda, which is to see a Targaryen sit the throne, AND also free the NK from his frozen hell? Can he redeem the previous TER’s mistakes, while also resetting the balance to Westeros?

In truth, is he a champion of Jon, knowing the truth of his parentage and knowing that he would be the key to a balanced future on Westeros (aligning all of Westeros; wildlings, northerners, and southerners)? Is Dany simply a pawn, a conqueror to help tTER….help Jon achieve that goal?

Once he sees that end, and once the NK is close to him, does he (Brynden) warg the NK (instead of Bran warging the NK), “mentally” fighting him, and finally allowing them to stab the NK with a different dragonglass, or a type of Valyrian dagger, reversing the magic, OR WHATEVER has to happen, finally allowing him to heal and live, just to immediately die?

Probably not likely, but it’s interesting to at least think about.


Very few people get up in the morning and say, “Oh, I’m evil. What evil can I do today?” I’m gonna cover the world with darkness and my legions of evil will rule all.”  That’s silly. The greatest monsters of history, as we look back on them, thought they were the heroes of the story. The villain is the hero of the other side, as sometimes said. That doesn’t mean that it’s all morally relative. That doesn’t mean that all things are equally good and evil. I think there is good and there is evil in the world, but I regard the struggle between good and evil as being waged within the individual human heart. It’s not waged as fantasy would have it where a character called the Dark Lord gathers all the evil people together and puts them in black clothing and they’re evil because they’re really ugly and all the good people are handsome and they wear white (with a white wolf on their chest) and they meet on a big battlefield


Jon Snow, the White Wolf, was born of Ice (Lyanna) and Fire (Rhaeger).  We SEE he was reborn of Ice (Ghost-Old Gods) and Fire (Mel-R’holler).  He was also reborn with Davos (onion knight=tears=salt also Davos from Seaworth=sea=salt) and Mel (R’holler=fire=smoke) at his side.

Dany’s vision:  The man had her brother’s hair, but he was taller, and his eyes were a dark indigo rather than lilac (Dany realizes that the man in her vision is Rhaeger, and not her brother Viserys).  “Aegon,” he (Rhaeger) said to a woman nursing a newborn babe in a great wooden bed. “What better name for a king?” “Will you make a song for him?” the woman asked. “He has a song,” the man replied. “He is the prince that was promised, and his is the song of ice and fire.” He looked up when he said it and his eyes met Dany’s, and it seemed as if he saw her standing there beyond the door. “There must be one more,” he said, though whether he was speaking to her or the woman in the bed she could not say. “The dragon has three heads.”  ~aCoK

“Burning shafts hissed upward, trailing tongues of fire. Scarecrow brothers tumbled down, black clocks ablaze. “Snow,” an eagle cried, as foemen scuttled up the ice like spiders. Jon was armored in black ice, but his blade burned red in his hand.”  ~JonJ

If we assume that the extremes of Ice and Fire are the result of the conflict and chaos on Westeros, then it would make sense that a balance of the two, would bring peace. Two opposing forces, both powerful and destructive in their own right.  Fire consumes, but Ice preserves.

FIRE consumes but ICE preserves.

FIRE (Targaryen) and ICE (Stark)

These two diametrically opposing forces, when combined make something cohesive which is frozen fire OR obsidian, which is black ice, which is dragon glass

dragon (fire/Targaryen/consumes >the Wall &the magic &life)

glass (ice/Stark/preserves >the Wall &the magic &life)

which is essentially JON,
indeed the Prince who was Promised,

to prepare and lead man through the LONG NIGHT


The Son(g) of Ice and Fire

I know that many people think that Jon will die (again). I truly don’t think so, and I hope that he doesn’t for two reasons: one, it would be anti-climatic at the least. He died, then he came back and to kill him again either in battle, or him giving his life for someone feels like a cliche’ ending and one I just couldn’t see GRRM doing. and two, we already know that it has a bittersweet ending and if I have predicted correctly that Dany will die, then it would be doubtful that he does as well.


“Your Wall is a queer place, but there is power here, if you will use it. Power in you, AND IN THIS BEAST. You resist it, and that is your mistake. Embrace it. Use it.” ~Mel to Jon

Jon whispered the name of his direwolf, “Ghost” as he died at Castle Black.  Did Jon in fact warg into Ghost until his body could be resurrected, in fact preserving Jon’s memory and soul?  Preserving his mind in Ice, but keeping his soul warm by Fireso as to not lose any of ‘himself’ in resurrectionWas Ghost’s purpose, in part, to shelter Jon’s mind and soul while waiting for his body to be resurrected?

There may be more to Ghost than we realize, especially when you consider his appearance with that of Brynden Rivers.


Her emblem on her flag is a burning heart.

“I’ve done my part. I’ve brought ice and fire together. . . . My time whispering in the ears of kings has come to an end. . . . Neither of us is common folk anymore. . . . Oh, I will return dear Spider. One last time. I have to die in this strange country, just like you.” Mel to Varys

No one can deny that Mel has been integral since the beginning. She will play a part in the fight to restore balance to Westeros.

And just WHO is Mel? I just don’t believe that she is just “some” peasant slave girl, not really. I can’t help thinking that somehow she is tied to Brynden Rivers:

The four Great Bastards were Daemon Blackfyre (whose mother, secretly, was Daena Targaryen), Aegor “Bittersteel” Rivers (whose mother was a member of House Bracken), Brynden “Bloodraven” Rivers (whose mother was a member of House Blackwood), and Shiera Seastar (whose mother was Serenei of Lys, from an ancient Valyrian noble family)
Shiera was the last of the Great Bastards, the daughter of Aegon IV’s ninth and final mistress, Serenei of Lys, who died giving birth to her. Serenei had belonged to an ancient but impoverished Valyrian noble family of Lys. There were rumors that Serenei practiced black magic, that she was far older than she claimed to be but bathed in blood to maintain her appearance of youth. Many thought that Serenei had passed these powers on to her daughter, and that Shiera also practiced black magic. Certainly, Shiera was considered to be one of (if not the) most beautiful women of her generation, and a famous seductress

Hmm….could Melisandre BE Sheira Seastar? Or a child of theirs? And if that’s the case, what was the end game for her? and Brynden?

COULD it be that this is indeed a rebellion for the IRON THRONE and control over Westeros by supplanting the current dynasty with a Targaryen one again?


Also in the books; “I pray for a glimpse of Azor Ahai, and R’holler shows me only Snow…..” (Capitalized S). ~Mel

aDwD Jon XII: “Jon was armored in black ice, but his blade burned red in his fist.” again…JON and black ice referring to dragonglass or obsidian.

aDwD Jon III: “Lightbringer was never cold to the touch, but warm as Nissa Nissa had been warm.”

We have heard many times that Melisandre has “a fire burning inside of her”.

“Ygritte had been kissed by fire; the red priestess was fire, and her hair was blood and flame”. ~Jon

“You’re not cold, my lady?” Jon asked her. She laughed. “Never.” The ruby at her (Mel) throat seemed to pulse in time to her heart. “The Lord’s fire lives within me, Jon Snow. Feel.” Jon even reflects on this in the book. ‘In the close confines of the iron cage, he was acutely aware of the red woman’s presence. She even smells red. The scent reminded him of Mikken’s forge, of the way iron smelled when red-hot; the scent was smoke and blood. Kissed by fire, he thought’.

The scene at the Wall, where Mel tries to seduce Jon is pivotal. Mel bares her breast (Nissa Nissa) and essentially says that Jon and her can “create something together, that they can create “light”. She tells Jon, “there is power in you, but you resist it and that is your mistake. Embrace it. there is power to make life, and power to make light.”


Currently, Davos is hand to “King Jon”. Early on in Game of Thrones, we meet the Onion Knight (tears=salt) when he is hand to King Stannis.  In season 2, we see Mel (fire=smoke) light a sword ablaze which Stannis holds, but then quickly plunges it into the sand (clearly Stannis was NOT Azor Ahai, it was all a magical ploy via Mel).  In the same scene, we see Davos pull the sword from the sand, this is symbolic, and metaphorical.

In season 2, the red comet is seen above Westeros, and during this time we have the Battle of Blackwater, where Davos loses his son, and almost dies himself.  In fact, we often hear Davos lament about why he was spared, but his son (younger) should die?  We see Davos both surrounded by fire (smoke), and we see him catapulted into the sea (salt)He is left for dead, only to be saved by Salldhor Saan who says, “you have only just come back to life…stay a little longer my friend” as Davos awakens on his ship.  Davos loses his son, and is left with only his allegiance to Stannis.

Upon Stannis’s death, he is at the Wall where he finds a dead Jon Snow.  Truly, it is because of Davos that Jon is resurrected.  Mel is distraught, and it is only at Davos’s urging that she is able to resurrect Jon.  Even after Mel leaves the room along with the others, it is Davos that stands with Jon, almost willing him life.  It is then that Jon takes a breath, and Jon (Targaryen) Snow, a “dragon” awakens from “stone“.

It is also important to note that the actor who plays Davos, Liam Cunningham was told a secret by GRRM that made Liam (Davos) very excited.  Is he in truth our hero among men, here to save the day?  There is even more play on this when we see Davos protecting the body of Jon, when he picks up the sword to fight off the traitors, Davos grabs the sword and says, “I’ve never been much of a fighter, apologies for what you are about to see”.  ⇐ Would it be that the one man who seems the least adept at fighting, is the one HERO to end the Long Night?

Or is Davos the one that has played the greater role which is “protecting” Jon, the Chosen One?

“It seems to me that most men are grey.” GRRM

Davos & Mel, two unlikely ‘partners’.  Currently, we find Davos as hand to “King Jon”, and we have to thank him for bringing our ‘Golden Boy’ Jon back from the dead.  Without Davos unwavering commitment to resurrect our hero, Mel would’ve never tried.  And together, their odd “relationship” may have been pivotal in saving humanity, in more ways than one.

Let’s look at the Azor Ahai prophecy. “Nissa Nissa, he said to her, for that was her name, bared her breast. She did this thing, why I cannot say, and Azor Ahai thrust the smoking sword through her living heart. It is said that her cry of anguish and ecstasy left a crack across the face of the moon.”


I will cut the living heart from her breast and see how it burns.” Davos regarding Mel. In fact, I do believe that Mel will die at the hands of Davos, (not because of Shireen) but because Mel will have to die as she is in part the fire magic, and will play a part in the AA/Nissa Nissa prophecy for Davos. 

The word ecstasy has only been referred to Mel in the books. The red priestess shuddered and blood trickled down her thigh, black and smoking. The fire was inside her, an agony, an ecstasy, filling her, searing her, transforming her.

Davos noted that when she gave birth to her shadow baby, her scream was in both agony and ecstasy. The scene at the Wall, where Mel tries to seduce Jon is pivotal. Mel bares her breast (Nissa Nissa) and essentially says that Jon and her can “create something together, that they can create “light”. She tells Jon, “there is power in you, but you resist it and that is your mistake. Embrace it. there is power to make life, and power to make light.”

R+L=J and BAEL the BARD

We know the story, Bael snuck over to Winterfell, pretending to be a singer and stole away Brandon the Daughterless’s daughter. Brandon was distraught and looked high and low, but no where could they find Bael and his daughter. Brandon, soon to give up, took sick to his bed, the Stark line extinct with his death. However, suddenly he heard a baby cry, only to find his daughter in her bed, a new babe in her arms, and Bael no where to be found. This child (*Jon), with a wildling father (Bael) and a Stark mother (*Lyanna) would one day be King Stark in the north, continuing the Stark line.

We can see the relation between that story and that of Rhaeger + Lyanna = Jon.

Once again, the Stark line is at risk of extinction. Bran cannot have children. Sansa and Arya, their future children would be a named after the father.

The hope lies once again in a love story that was forbidden, to continue the Stark legacy….

“All my life I wanted to be a Stark.”  ~Jon

When we first met the Starks, it seemed unlikely that Jon would be the last man standing, yet here he is, King in the North.

Jon Snow avenged the Red Wedding! He is the White Wolf! The King in the North! 

If there is any hope in continuing the Stark line, it now lies with Jon. His unlikely journey, from bastard to KitN, will only be part of his story. Jon has, like all of his remaining siblings, experienced tragedy and hardship since they parted way back in season 1. He has repeatedly defied most of the odds, even dying and being resurrected.

This is where Sansa finds Jon, a broken man of sorts. You can say what you want about Sansa, but she has proven herself a fighter, with staying power. She helps Jon find his purpose, and his way back from essentially giving up.

Once the unlikeliest of the siblings to have any bond at all, I would argue that they are now the closest. Together, they found their way back to being almost whole, with a purpose. Together they took back Winterfell, and their home. Together they learned to rule, side by side. They learned to lean on one another, protect each other, and trust one another. And together they are preparing for the fight against the Long Night.

“I’m not a Stark.” ~Jon “You are to me.” ~Sansa

There was a time we thought we would NEVER hear those words from Sansa. Yet there they are. Now let’s compare….

a Song of Ice and Fire to the Lord of the Rings

….to find the rest of Jon and Sansa’s story

We know that GRRM is a HUGE Tolkien fan, however as much as he admires his work, he has said that it is a little too “storybook” ending for GRRM’s tastes.  Knowing this we can we can expect “twists” in Game of Thrones.

You could say that the overall feel of aSoIaF if not unlike tLotR….

The Three Eyed Raven is a combination of Gandalf & Sarumen who prepares for war against….the Night King/Sauron and their “evil” forces, but being crafty they decide to replace the Baratheons/Lannisters who currently hold Kings Landing and the throne much like Denethor of Gondor (as steward) did of Gondowith the one true king Aragorn/Aegon VI (Jon).  Like Aragorn, Aegon (Jon) is hidden among the common folk, and raised by a surrogate father as his own, both of which are seemingly the last of their lines Dunedain/Targaryen-Stark.  Each are born of lines of that have long since ended, Aragorn from the Elendils/Aegon VI from the Valyrians, and both hailing from advanced civilazations at their beginning Aragorn from Numenor/Aegon VI from ValyriaAragorn/Aegon VIis known to all as Strider/Jon, a northern ranger and protector of the realms of men.  Aragorn/Aegon VII lead the armies of men against King Sauron/the Night King.

BOTH Aegon(Jon) and Aragorn (Estel/Strider) wield swords that can stop the dead/undead.

Further….Aragorn/Aegon was raised in Rivendell/Winterfell by Elrond/Ned Stark who actually gives Aragorn the name Estel  and we know that Ned gives Aegon VI the name Jon.

In the LotR’s, we also see that Aragorn falls in love with Elrond’s daughter Arwen, and at the end of tLotR, Aragorn sits the throne as King of Gondor, with Arwen at his side.

In a GoT, we see that Aegon/Jon falls in love with Rhaegers sister Dany, and at the end of a GoT, Aegon/Jon sits the throne as King of Westeros, with Dany at his side.   Nope, that doesn’t fit…..

But this does.  For Game of Thrones, I argue that we will see Aegon/Jon marry his surrogate father’s (Ned, his uncle) daughter as well……Sansa.


THE (LOVE) STORY no one saw coming….(until season 6).

“Sweet one,” her father said gently, “listen to me. when you’re old enough, I will make you a match with a high lord who’s worthy of you, someone brave and gentle and strong. This match with Joffrey was a terrible mistake. That boy is no Prince Aemon (Aegon), you must believe me.” ~Ned to Sansa

“What was she like?”  ~Sam    “She had red hair.” ~Jon

Jon Snow and Sansa Stark, the future of House Stark. I know, I know…they are siblings…but they are not. We now know they are cousins. And I would argue that until season 6, they were essentially strangers. W

“Everything is something that you have seen before.”  ~Littlefinger

The Lord and Lady of Winterfell OR King and Queen in the North.

Ned and Cat 2.0


A dragon with THREE heads, or THREE identities.

‘The dragon must have 3 heads’…..

For a time I believed that Jon would assume the Stark name, as he always wanted to be a Stark. After all, we do know that his brother Robb legitimized Jon and made him ‘Jon Stark’, and the ‘heir to Winterfell’ (in the event of Robb’s death, surpassing Bran, much to Catelyn’s chagrin). But after hearing his conversation with Theon, I realize that maybe Jon won’t identify with either Stark or Targaryen as his last name.

It may be that he keeps his name, Jon Snow, because that is WHO he is, and by doing so legitimizing all “bastard” children.

“Let me give you some advice, bastard. Never forget what you are, the rest of the world will not. Wear it like armour and it can never be used to hurt you.” Tyrion to Jon

“You don’t have to choose. You’re a Greyjoy and you’re a Stark.” Jon to Theon

Jon is a Stark through his mother Lyanna, and a Targaryen through Rhaeger. However, Jon has never identified with “being” a Targaryen, though he will understand that Rhaeger is indeed his father. But I do NOT think he would go by the name Aegon Targaryen. However, he could honor Ned in the way that Jon would do, and that is by pridefully using the name Jon Snow, identifying his love for his “father” from the north, yet not conceding to his mothers name (Stark), or his biological fathers name (Targaryen). It would be a totally Jon thing to do…..



….won’t happen. As you have seen countless times with GRRM, he doesn’t like the “story book” ending.  He loves to throw in the curve-balls, shocks and surprises that leave his reader endlessly guessing the schematics of his various novels (like when Ned lost his head, I’m still not over that one).

*In GRRM’s original outline for a Game of Thrones, he had a “love triangle” between Jon, Arya and Tyrion. I believe that obviously has shifted to Jon, Sansa and Tyrion (as far as the political marriage part). I think we will see the actual love triangle play out between Jon, Dany and Tyrion. We know that Tyrion has a hard time not falling for his leading ladies.*

And Dany still has one last betrayal, the one for love….and it could be that Jon comes to realize her penchant for “crazy” and that they are related,(more related than he and Sansa) and IF Jonsa continue they way they did in season 6, they definitely have some “tension” between them. I also am of the mind that Dany and Sansa will have problems, and Dany may put Jon into a position where Jon has to choose. He will choose family. He will choose Sansa. And he may have to kill Dany to protect Sansa.


There has been heavy foreshadowing, although I just do NOT know HOW this could happen, as it seems that 9 months seems an impossible timeline in season 8.  BUT weirder things have happened on GOT as we have seen time unfold all over the place. Regardless, IF it happens that Dany becomes pregnant, she will die, either giving birth, or after giving birth, while she is fighting or when she goes all Mad Queen (I believe we will see that play out).

The child, IF, IF there is to be one….would then be raised by Jon and Sansa.  This time Sansa can be better mother than her mother had been to Jon, she CAN rewrite that past.  It would fit with the teaser trailer ALL about Jon, and with Cat saying that “all the horrors that have befallen our family is because I couldn’t love a motherless child” just as Sansa walks by the statue of her mother.

“Everything is something that you have seen before.”  ~Littlefinger


I do see Dany with a baby though, and that is Rhaego.
Her bitterSWEET ending, will be that she will be reunited with Khal Drogo and their son Rhaego in the AFTERLIFE. I believe that is in part what the visions at the House of the Undying was trying to tell us. Dany would get so close to the Iron Throne, but yet it will be just out of her grasp. Notice she is in her Dothraki attire, and her dragons call her away to the Wall (signaling her part in the NK’s war), but ultimately she is drawn to Drogo and their boy, Rhaego.

She is at peace here.
She was at her happiest with him, and truly has not found that since.

Destiny has another plan for her…Dany is a conqueror, as was Drogo, she is not a ruler. 

and then there’s this…

D&D have said that there are 3 “holy sh*t” moments in GoT:

1)Shireen’s death; 2)Hodor and his death; and 3) ???

I’m gonna argue that this may be #3: DANAERYS, aka Mad Queen

“It f****d me up,” the 32-year-old British actress told the magazine. “Knowing that is going to be a lasting flavor in someone’s mouth of what Daenerys is.” ~Emelia Clarke

I see this happening this last season. Throughout the show we have seen one constant (through all the inconsistency) and that is that Dany feels that the Iron Throne is hers by birthright. It has been her mission to that end.

Dany is a true conqueror, but she is not a ruler.

We have seen her convictions vacillate wildly depending on her emotions. At times, a martyr for the downtrodden, and at others, unforgiving with those that defy her.  For a time even Ser JORAH, once a trusted advisor to her, found himself outside of her good graces.  However, she did forgive him (after he nearly died for her multiple times) but even when he came back into the fold, she listened to him less and less.  Though she truly does love him (possibly in a fatherly way)…and he her, to his death I fear.  Not Jorah, Tyrion or Jon will be able to save her however, as her fascination with FIRE and vengeance only second to that of her father the Mad King, and one other person….

She WILL go Mad Queen and I do think it will be a culmination of things: her dragons dying, Tyrion betraying her, and Jon torn between two different worlds, choosing the familiar.

If Jon has to kill her, it will be dramatic and emotional.

Ok, get those tinfoil hats on again.

Mad Queen Cersei LANNISTER (tinfoil hat wasn’t needed for this, we know Cersei is all kinds of cray cray)

What can we say?  There is no better villian!  I honestly think she can rival the Night King!  She has done many horrible things, most I am sure she doesn’t truly regret, others she may, but one in particular that I think she will definitely regret ……


The Prince who was Promised of Westeros, GENDRY BARATHEON.

I believe we will learn that R(obert)+C(sersei)=G(endry)

Yes, I believe it to be true, Cersei cast out her own first born son with Robert, simply because she wanted her children with Jamie to rule the kingdom.  Now you may be wondering how that came to pass?  In a nutshell, she had a son, supposedly he became sick and died just as Robert returned home from a hunting trip.  In truth, it is speculated that Cersei actually exchanged her son (Gendry) for a sickly child near death (one that resembled Gendry), and left Gendry with the blacksmith, to be raised as a commoner and bastard. It is interesting that “somehow” the blacksmith that raised Gendry knew to get him out of the city before Joffrey had all of Robert’s bastard children killed.

“It’s about all of these disparate characters coming together to face a common enemy, dealing with their own past, and defining the person they want to be in the face of certain death. It’s an incredibly emotional haunting bittersweet final season and I think it honors very much what [author George R.R. Martin] set out to do — which is flipping this kind of story on its head.”  ~Bryan Cogman

OK BIGGER TINFOIL HATS (but not really)


Again, I do see R+C=G happening.  If it does come to fruition that R+C=G then Gendry is the true hidden prince of Westeros.  He is the true heir to Robert Baratheon, who did in fact usurp the Targaryen dynasty, thereby establishing the Baratheon dynasty.

Robert descended from Orys Baratheon, who was a baseborn brother to Aegon Targaryen. You can see where this is going I am sure, Gendry would surpass either Jon or Dany in regards to the “Iron Throne” (although I do believe it will be destroyed), and as King in Westeros.

More than that, one could argue that after he came “rowing” back from Dragonstone, he was essentially “reborn” among salt (his sweat) and smoke (the fire with which he made weapons), waiting for his chance to help restore Westeros to balance (along with Jon). A spin on our Prince who was Promised prophecy?

And how poetic is that?  The sons of Robert and Ned, who together would save Westeros, and knit it back together AFTER Robert and Ned essentially helped to ’cause’ the war by going after Lyanna and starting a rebellion.

A rebellion that was built on a lie.

Ned⇒Jon⇒ secret KING & Robert⇒ Gendry ⇒ secret KING

The Irony

“I’ve been getting ready.  I never knew what for, but I’ve always known I would know it when it comes.”  ~Gendry to Davos

Seriously, they slapped us in the face with it….duh 😒

King GENDRY and Queen ARYA

It is known.

I also love the bit about “a younger, more beautiful queen” will replace Cersei as queen, and the irony in Arya being that queen. For so long, Cersei has been threatened by Margery, Sansa and Dany as her possible queen usurpers that she would never see Arya as a threat (probably all of us can say that).

And the bittersweet justice of Cersei being replaced by her own son, Gendry, the one that she threw aside and replaced with her illegitimate children with Jamie?  HOLY BITTERsweetness ~ Maybe Cersei will live, and then have to live with that the rest of her life….wouldn’t that be divine justice?  ~Nah, she really should die and (most likely) will die, that chic is bad news…as I think TYRION will learn, possibly the hard way

Tyrion will betray Dany…and Jon, for his family. And it will lead to his death. He will die…and it will be very sad because it will not be because he had ill intent, only that he was easily manipulated by the one person smarter than him (cersei).

As will Jamie (though I am heartbroken about this).

Jaime’s redemption story is dramatic and complicated, but it most definitely starts with the loss of his hand. This is the point in his story where I feel he “forges his hero’s sword”, which is in part, shedding his “kingslayer” image. In order to rid himself of the Kingslayer guise, he must first lose the symbolic representation of this perceived “corruption”, his sword hand.

“I have stymied the corruption.”  ~Qyburn referring to Jamies wrist, which Jamie repeats with emphasis.

“I was that hand….”  ~Jamie

Of course, the ultimate IRONY in Jamie’s negative “kingslayer” nickname would be that Jamie is once again destined to kill the ruler of Westeros.  In fact, his part in this story may simply be about protecting the people of Kings Landing.  As a sworn knight, that is part of his oath.  Jamie’s arc may simply be that in his lifetime, he would save thousands&thousands of people, by killing first the Mad King (Aerys), and now, a Mad Queen (Cersei and/or Dany).

the Valonqar Prophecy

Essentially, this prophecy comes from Maggie the Frog to Cersei (as a child).  This prophecy states that ‘Cersei would indeed be a queen (for a time), until another, more younger and beautiful came along to take her place…and marry a king (robert-he would have 20 children),and she just 3, gold their crowns, and gold their shrouds…’ 

In the books, the prophecy went on to say, ‘when your tears have drowned you, the valonqar shall wrap his hands around your pale white throat and choke the life out of you’.

So, given the idea that she had Gendry, or at least another little black haired beauty that did live for a time, then truly she had 4 children. So, is the Valonqar prophecy not accurate?

Mad King and Mad Queens…and Jamie.

Jamie killing Cersei to save Kings Landing and it’s people once again (giving even more credit to his kingslayer name) seems the most likely, and then most likely Jamie will die at the hands of the Mountain (after killing Cersei) (or possibly by fighting to defeat the Night King).

Jamie and Cersei both have made multiple references to the fact that they were born together, and that they would die together.

“I cannot die while Cersei lives”, he told himself, “we will die together, as we were born together.”  ~Jamie

“If he were dead uncle, I would know it.  He would not leave this world without me.”  ~Cersei

JAMSEI (A+J=C&J ~ if true, they are two parts to a wholeCersei is mad & Jamie is sane.)….won’t end well.

I believe that in some way it will play out where they will die “together”.  I believe that Brienne will get there (Kings Landing most likely) just a fraction too late, and he will actually die in her arms.  We witness a conversation between Bronn and Jamie, where Jamie says that he wantsto die in the arms of the woman he loves“.

Jamie does love Cersei, although he is disillusioned with her at present, that doesn’t mean he is done with her.  They have loved each other from womb, and it will be to death.  And at this point, Jamie also believes Cersei to be pregnant with his child.

But Jamie also loves Brienne, and in a way that he is not used to.  For Jamie, Brienne has saved him from “himself”.  She is the one and only person who single-handedly pulled Jamie back from the darkness that was threatening to engulf him whole.  And for Brienne, Jamie is the reality of what it means to be a true knight, in which you give all of yourself, leaving little to nothing of a person left.

The irony (and the poetry) would be Jamie having no other option but to kill the Mad Queen Cersei (as he did once for the Mad King Aerys), once again saving Kings Landing.  So, he will kill the woman he has loved his whole life (womb⇒casket) who has brought out his ultimate worst, only to die in the arms of the woman who has brought out his ultimate best.

**Brienne will live…and I’ve been a bit curious about her and the Hound?

JAMIE as Azor Ahai does fit…..IF lightbringer is a SWORD.

There’s a story to go along with the legend, about the first Azor Ahai. Long ago, he forged a powerful sword to fight the great Other. His first try took him 30 days and 30 nights. But when he tried to temper the sword in water, it shattered. JAMIE: metaphorically: the “first: attempt at forging his sword was in the bath with Brienne, where he “BROKE” down and emptied his soul to her.  The second time, it took him 50 days and 50 nights. To temper it, he captured a lion and plunged the sword into its heart, but again, the sword shattered. JAMIE metaphorical and literal: the second is when they are going to kill Tyrion, he lets him go and as a result Tywin (the ultimate LION) is shot through the heart by Tyrion. So the third time, he worked for 100 days and 100 nights, and with a heavy heart drove the sword into the heart of his wife, Nissa Nissa. And finally, it would be literal, Jamie+Cersei (truly that is his Nissa Nissa), he has loved her his whole life (womb→casket) and if he is forced to kill her, the blade combined with her soul would create Lightbringer.

Ned’s sword ICE was melted down and made into TWO swords in season 4, at Tywin Lannisters request.  One that Jamie has, called Widows Wail and the other Oathkeeper, is held by Brienne. Their origin is unknown to BOTH Jamie and Brienne….

It is said that Ned’s sword had hints of red within it…so does that somehow imply that it could, with the right sequence of events, glow red and then become warm?  It would be fitting that the Stark sword, spell-forged in Valyria and acquired by House Stark, who named it after that legacy may hold the key to defeating BtB/NK. 

Jamie, as he lay with his head on a Weirwood stump: The fever dreams were all so vivid. “Stay with me!” Jaime pleaded. “Don’t leave me here alone.” But they were leaving. “Don’t leave me in the dark!” Something terrible lived down here. “Give me a sword, at least.” “I gave you a sword,” Lord Tywin said. It was at his feet. Jaime groped under the water until his hand closed upon the hilt. Nothing can hurt me so long as I have a sword. As he raised the sword a finger of pale flame flickered at the point and crept up along the edge, stopping a hand’s breath from the hilt. The fire took on the color of the steel itself so it burned with a silvery-blue light, and the gloom pulled back. Crouching, listening, Jaime moved in a circle, ready for anything that might come out of the darkness. The water flowed into his boots, ankle deep and bitterly cold. Beware the water, he told himself. There may be creatures living in it, hidden deeps…From behind came a great splash. Jaime whirled toward the sound… but the faint light revealed only Brienne of Tarth, her hands bound in heavy chains. “I swore to keep you safe,” the wench said stubbornly. “I swore an oath.” Naked, she raised her hands to Jaime. “Ser. Please. If you would be so good.” The steel links parted like silk. “A sword,” Brienne begged, and there it was, scabbard, belt, and all. She buckled it around her thick waist. The light was so dim that Jaime could scarcely see her, though they stood a scant few feet apart. In this light she could almost be a beauty, he thought. in this light she could almost be a knight. Brienne’s sword took flame as well, burning silvery blue. The darkness retreated a little more. “The flames will burn so long as you live,” he heard Cersei call. “When they die, so must you.” ~Jamie


Of course, we will wrap the whole story up with our favorite maester, Sam (well Gamgee, wait wrong story but same idea) Tarly who will be the narrator of our story, and a survivor. I expect we see baby Sam live, and I am hoping Gilly does as well…she does make me giggle a bit.

The prophecies:

At one point I was really caught up in this but I feel like many people fit parts of any of the prophecies. I feel that the prophecies are not necessarily one person, or one purpose. I think we are left with the characters we have because they all play a role.

BtB was the first last hero and I do believe that Bran is the last hero as well, in a sense closing that loop as the last first hero.

Jon is the prince who was promised to unite Westeros together, he already did the most unlikely which was to unite wildlings and northerners. Now we see Jamie come from the south, and I believe we will see the Golden Co end up supporting Jon. Jon, like his namesake Aegon I Targaryen, has also united Westeros under one man. However I don’t think he wants to rule. And as the prince born of Ice (lyanna) and Fire (rhaeger) he is the embodiment of balance, uniting the two and bringing peace. This is more a play on the prophecy. And Gendry as our (king) prince who was promised of Kings Landing and the south.

And I’ve already hit on AA. I think this could again be two fold. I feel that Davos and Jon have a part to play, as does another Mel (AA and NN of Westeros).

And Jamie (possibly AA of King Landing) does as well but possibly his part is that he IS the one person that has protected Kings landing the most from its own rulers. And there is no other couple that has loved each other from beginning to end like Jamie and Cersei have, which lends credence to the Nissa Nissa theory.

And of course there is the stallion(ess) that mounts the world. Dany. She is the chosen one that brought the Dothraki across the sea for the first time ever. She is a conqueror and I believe this prophecy fits her well.

Ruler END game

A Stag (Gendry), a Dragon (Jon), and Wolves (Sansa and Arya), oh my.

Westeros END game

*sigh* this one is tough because I am just not quite sure what the endgame is for tTER and tNK. I DO believe that both characters are “gray” (GRRM’s favorite term for his heroes). I do not believe the NK is “all bad”, I believe he started a good guy, for the right reasons, and tried to serve BOTH sides but was cast out by his human counterparts, living a frozen life of exile while his Stark legacy continued on based from lies. And I also do not believe that tTER is all good. I believe that he (Brynden) started with malevolent intentions (to usurp the throne), however, I do believe that as he learned more, he also realized the eternity of hell that the NK was cast into. So, can it be that both are now good and bad. Possibly each doing what they think is “right”? Brynden thinking that the only was to establish peace is by having a unified Westeros under ONE rule (Good idea?), and making that come to fruition by bringing tNK south (Bad idea?)? And does tNK march south to end all men (bad idea)? Or does he march south to stop tTER and tCotF, and end the magic (good idea)?

and the question I have asked ALL along. Does the first and last Bran Stark have to die to STOP the cycle? And with that in mind, does the “ice magic” and the “fire magic” both have to be eliminated?

BtB, Bran, ICE magic (Old Gods) = Death?

Dany, dragons, FIRE magic (R’holler) = Death?

The two extremes of “religion” being replaced by a more balanced “religion”? The faith of many?

Regardless, there is a message in this story, well, many messages. I just hope that ending of the story will not be that as humans, we are idiots and we cannot save ourselves, or our planet because we continually make the mistakes over and over again. If so the message, then the cycle would continue and Bran would become the next NK…..and so on. GoT 2.0

I am hoping that everyone’s destiny is not completely predetermined and that the will of all of our remaining heroes can find a hopeful end for man, with a lot of lessons earned and learned…not to be repeated.

I’ve hit on most of the major ideas, and I’m tired so this is my best guess. Of course, I expect I will be wrong and we will see our friend Littlefinger sit the Iron Throne with Varys as his Hand……

After all, this is GRRM, GoT, D&D, and HBO.

Enjoy this season, as it is our last 🙁

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