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The 5 Second Rule

I recently attended Arbonne’s Global Training Conference and our outside speaker was Mel Robbins. Mel Spoke about her 5 second rule that changed her life. I’ve heard and read almost every motivational speaker and my end thought is usually, ”That’s just a bunch of fluffy words and no concrete tools”.

As she spoke she shared about how her life had been in turmoil. Her life reminded me of  the movie, ”Groundhog Day”. She would tell herself every night that her next day would be better and productive. However, she always woke up late and the day was always a chaotic mess just as the day before.

One night she was going through the same routine. As she was setting her alarm clock the television caught her attention. It was of a rocket ship blasting off with the countdown She decided that In the morning she would count and blast out of bed like a rocket ship. That went well, and she continued to implement the countdown every morning thereafter. It worked so well that she decided to implement it to many other areas of her life. To her surprise, was transforming her life.

Example of using the 5 second rule. Mel spoke about nervous versus excitement. She said that she use to be nervous to speak in front of crowds. She said that nervousness and excitement are basically the same thing. She would countdown, and say excited. Eventually, she recognized speaking as a positive exciting thing to do, versus a negative nervous thing to do.

I remember sitting there at the conference thinking  that this is actually a tool. It’s not a bunch of fluff. How does it work though? Maybe it just works for her? However, she was giving us example after example of those that this rule has also helped.

Mel shared about the science behind Basically, she spoke of how we are trained from a very young age to do things by habit.  Just how Mel was living her life, by habit. When you count down and act on what you want to act on, it actually uses a different part of your brain.  Mel actually showed us MRI images of how the brain lights up differently using this technique.

When I returned home from my conference I decided to use it to rocket out of bed. I’m a huge procrastinator. I love to push snooze and I’m always late. It’s my habit. I always thought it was an Anderson curse. It’s not a curse though – it’s my habit… Monday morning my alarm went off and I,  ” – get up”. I got up and I wouldn’t allow myself to stay in bed or come up with an excuse. It was like I was a robot and someone else was navigating my body. When you count backwards it almost confuses your brain and it sets your routine off. When you count backwards and act on intention it eventually changes the way you think.

That night I was filtering through facebook and I came across a post of a gal who is about a year older than I. She has stage 4 cancer. I realized in that moment how habitual life is. I thought about my parents life, my life, others lives. I thought about how we all go to school, get a good job, and do the same thing over and over again, and teach the same thing over and over again.  I realized that I lie to myself frequently and tell myself that I’m living the life I want to live. However, I’m not. I realized I need to change my habits.

I want to be mega successful and help others be successful in Arbonne, I want to blog with family, and vacation when I want, fashionista when I want, open a boutique for the fun of it. I want my office to be from home. I want to really dream. God created something amazing here on earth and we are made in his image. I can dehabit everything I have been taught and train, and create the life I want to create.

That’s the difference right there. Those that are successful break their habits. This tool helps you break your habits and changes your outlook on life.

Lots of ❤, Roxanne

P.S. I’ll keep you updated on how this rule impacts my life.

Please read the book!

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