Wellness. Thats a BIG word. It encompasses MANY things! It is such an active process that involves making choices towards an active and healthy life! Its more than being illness or disease free, it is about pursuing growth and seeking change (something many of us are not comfortable with). It is yearning and achieving our very best health through physical endurance, mental clarity and environmentally friendly living.

Wellness is about being whole, achieving balance in life, and being proactive and positive.

Gosh that sounds easy doesn’t it?

The real deal about “wellness” is knowing (and accepting) that it is a LIFE LONG process and if Buddha couldn’t ever attain it (self-proclamation) than it’s natural to assume that we will work our whole lives on achieving that goal as well (and most likely never achieve it). But that’s the beauty of living. We didn’t come with an instruction manual. We learn as we go. We fall down. We get back up. We learn to live to our very best ability! That’s called being “human” and we are perfectly, imperfect.

A PASSION we need to all embrace. Doing our part to save our Earth! Throughout we will share our stories of how we are each doing just a little to try to decrease our “footprint” on the eco=system (some of it is pretty fun!).