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Hello! I have been given the BEST of missions ever and that is designing (with the room layout as it is), decorating and SURPRISING my niece Bella with her room make-over! I have just 2 days to complete this special task which means that I am going to have to be 100% organized (not a problem) and 100% focused (a problem when you are a “squirrel”)!

Her room is small. That is the first challenge.

She is a tween. That is the second challenge.

The last challenge is that I have to design around her somewhat modern tastes with a very traditional daybed.


Oh man I REALLY suck at bloggin’ lately! I started this post as a “before” and here I am….clearly didn’t get it sent out….so you now get the WHOLE sha-bang!

Her room makeover was a success! Most importantly, she LOVED it!

Positive Vibes


My sister Ally is very environmentally conscious and financially responsible. Though they have money to “go crazy” on their house with “decor” they are choosing to work WITH what they have for structure and use mostly what it already in place, with just simple updates! This WILL be a challenge in some areas of the house…. however, Bella’s room was fairly easy.


I forgot to take “before” pics and had to save off of Ally’s video’s for some before pics….but you can see that she needed a “make-over” of her room. It was once the laundry room. The closet as you can see was paneling, dark and not very functional.



As you can see, without blowing out walls or having an endless budget, we transformed her room into her “dream room” (given the footprint we had to work with). She has a day bed with a trundle under it for “sleepovers” or when guest visit (it pops up to bed height to make a king size bed). The Barbie play house was a MUST STAY! I did have to downsize it just slightly as she had attached some seriously huge condominiums for Barbie and her guests 😳 (see the before pic). The condominiums went to good use in the closet! Barbie still has room to expand however, as we got her a more streamlined addition for her guests!

Notice the wall treatment.

Bell had wanted black and white stripes on one wall, or an arrow effect. I just felt that would be so overpowering and would get old over time. So, I went with very subtle geometric shapes in just one corner of the room, with soft colors. It gives the wall a little personality yet it isn’t overpowering.

Girly Vanity

I wanted her vanity area to feel like that of a “movie-star”! I hung the lights randomly but strategically. I adored the pictures of the girls and to me, this called to Bell’s theatrical side! She actually had open drawers to fill up! I also painted diamonds on her floor, again giving that “theater-vibe”! (Ally and Matt painted their floors…again, environmentally friendly options).

Walk-in Closet…

For me, her closet was the BIGGEST transformation! There was no light so we added in a light….I just hung it from the ceiling and then placed the cord down the side. She has plenty of storage with everything organized. She also has a place to hang her clothes on each side, with a full length mirror giving her a “starlet feel” to her room!

Reading Nook…

I also wanted to give Bell an area to relax and feel as though she could lounge and read. I found these cushions at Target on clearance and the signs at Hobby Lobby. Such a sweet retreat!

Daddy’s Girl and Mommy’s World

Miss Bella has the most amazing personality! She is sweet, funny, mischievous, talented, dramatic, laid-back and loyal! She is loving to her family. She adores animals! She is her cousin Nolan’s BESTEST friend ever, and vice-versa. She is a great BIG sister!

She has the most eclectic style and we played that up a bit. I literally walked through Hobby Lobby and grabbed everything I knew she loved…and decorated around my inspiration pieces.

She is dramatic and theatrical, hence her dressing room and vanity.

She is soft and smart, hence her sweet reading nook area.

She is wild at heart, spunky, funny and a free spirit, hence her Boho style.

And she is the best gift God could’ve given her parents for a daughter, and for me as a niece!

This room is “Bella”… is a smattering of everything she loves! She is a “wild heart in the sweetest package”, ever!

This room’s for you sweet Bell!

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