We are Midwest girls born and raised but our roots are even deeper than that.  There is something so intriguing about where we live that often it is hard to accurately describe it.  In a word it is home.  It brings about the nostalgia that many of us feel when we think of “home”.  There is so much inspiration around us, in everything we touch, see and feel.  All of us have always been pseudo-designers.  We have all dreamed the same dreams together of owning a business together, being successful but more than all of that, finding fulfillment!  It’s not that we don’t have it in our family lives, and even in our “j.o.b.s” but there has always been something that has pulled us to creating.  Always.

We grew up with limited means.  We grew up learning that if something was going to get fixed, updated or remodeled it was a “do-it-yourself” job long before Home Depot= DIY became a “thyng”.  Our father could fix and build anything.  We watched and we learned.  Our mother was quite literally the most creative person we ever knew, her mind never stopped moving with ideas, designs and inspiration.  Again, we watched and we learned.

Looking back, we realize just how much they taught us.  Looking back, we realize that all of the blood, sweat and tears were worth it.  We watched.  We participated.  And we learned.  More than that, we fell in love with creating.  It is now ingrained into our very DNA.  Looking back, was there any greater gift they could have given us?

That is the kind of experience we want to bring forth here.  The kind that even if it stumps you for a bit, you figure a way around what seems “too hard” (either that or you ‘youtube’ it).  The kind that intrigues you and makes you “yearn to learn”.  The kind that once you dig in and “do-it-yourself” you find there is no greater satisfaction than a job well-done by one-self!

Then when the work is done, you stand back and admire your creation.  Is there any greater reward?

The Art of Anderson is not just a “thyng”, its a mantra we live by: IMAGINE.  CREATE.  REPEAT!

Today we have so many ways to be inspired, with the Joanna Gaines of the world, Instagram, Pinterest and HGTV, the sources are everywhere.  We can’t hope to compete with all of that!  However, we can bring a little of our homegrown Midwest “Anderson-style” with a guaranteed “hands-on” approach to inspire some of you to simply “dig-in and get-‘er-done” along with us (and save a penny or two).

Speaking of the ever amazing “Jo-Jo” (that’s what Chip calls her sometimes so we are pretty sure we can too??). 

This is one of our favorites!