The truth about the Night King…

….is we really do not know the truth.

Tonight is the battle of all battles. It has been said that it will make the Battle of the Bastards seem quaint. I can’t tell you how much that fills me with both excitement, and dread.

There is so much to break down but the biggest mystery of all is just what does the Night King want?

To this point, GoT has been built on lies, I mean even the honorable Ned Stark lied to us. OK, so maybe it was for a good reason as it indeed meant preserving the life of his beloved sister’s son, but still. And speaking of Lyanna, for much of the show we were told that she was “kidnapped and raped” by Rhaeger Targaryen, only to find that in truth, it was the love story to end all love stories.

We can go further back, to the time of Bran the Builder and again, lies covered up with tales of heroism (though it is true that heroes were to be found).

It seems complicated and the answers are many and none. Truly we are left with the idea that Jon Snow is not the only one “who knows nothing”.

I fear that in the end, there will be no easy answers. And for our heroes, it will be not unlike our words from Jon, “I’m not going to swear an oath I can’t uphold. When enough people make false promises, words stop meaning anything. Then there are no more answers, only better and better lies.”

Better and better lies….

Jon like Ned was criticized for being too noble and too honest. It was the bane of Ned’s existence and the cause of his death. We saw that play out again with Jon, ever noble and true to his word, which also brought about his end (until he was reborn). Is that the truth of GoT? Honestly and nobility are casualties in the pursuit of greed, power and instant gratification? Is the idea that one man, noble and honorable cannot overcome the evil that is all round him?

That idea begs another question, what truth is hidden so deeply, interwoven so completely into Westerosi history that it will devastate a country and it’s people once realized?

I would argue that the truth is not what we think it to be. If most of the truths we have known to this point are nothing more than lies or tales, than what lies will we come to find are truth?

Most likely it starts WAAAY back, to the time of the Three Eyed Raven and the Night King. We know them to be ancient enemies, but why? What hidden truth is covered by an altruistic lie?

Can it be that our good guy may not be the good guy? Could it be that Bran as the Three Eyed Raven is in fact, not totally the good guy all dressed in white? Or at the least, a (very dark) hazy gray?

And what of the Night King? Is it possible that he may not be as dark as we think? Could the Night King be a hero, yet perceived as the villain? One of GRRM’s favorite quotes, “A hero is a villain to the other side”. Is there a double innuendo? Could he in fact be a hero to man? Our eyes would tell us no (RIP Benjen Stark), and yet, it would seem too straight forward a scenario. tNK is bad, and tTER is good. That is what we are told. BUT if what we have been told are lies, than what is the truth? Could it be entirely possible that the Night King is trying to save “humanity”.

Stay with me here. Let’s argue that tNK who once a man, was in fact Brandon the Builder Stark, the FIRST Last Hero, who went in search of the CotF for their aid to stop the first rebellion of the WW’s, but was instead captured and (against his will) was imbued with strong, dark magic of tCotF AND tTER (remember there have been MANY TER’s, starting with the strongest greenseers of tCotF), then along with his abilities to already warg and greensee BtB could control the Others/WW’s. For a time he was BOTH <BtB/and an Other= Man/Other> and he walked among humans while controlling the Others to keep them north. In doing this, he stayed too long for extended periods of time, so he started to lose himself to the “Other” side. OR more possibly he SERVED BOTH SIDES (a hero to both-for a time). After he was found to be half man/half Other and after taking an Other wife, he was defeated (out of fear), and then BtB was exiled north of the wall by his OWN family, who were then even more deceitful by hiding the truth (the Night’s King) under lies, fabulous lies of a famous hero, Bran the Builder, the first of the Stark name.

Stay with me a bit longer. For several millennia the NK and his “Other race” have lived quietly beyond the wall. 300 years before our story begins Aegon and his sisters came to Westeros with 3 full grown dragons as well. Nothing happened. The NK did not try to get a dragon and march south then. For the most part, it was a peaceful Westeros. Aegon allowed the Starks to continue as Wardens in the North, continuing with a Stark in Winterfell, preserving peace and most likely a pact of magic that BtB as the first Stark placed over Winterfell. With that the NK but one job, he stayed north.

But suddenly NOW, the NK marches south. Why?

Since the time of Aerys II, and probably back to the time of Aegon the IV, Westeros started toward chaos. Dynasty’s warred (Targaryens and Blackfyres), rulers changed (Targaryen > Bartheon), false kings and queens have sat the throne, and the people of Westeros have all been forgotten with the gluttony of greed and power. Within this idea, Brynden as the previous TER (knowingly) and Bran as the current tTER (knowingly or unknowingly) could be manipulating events to once again place a Targaryen king on the throne (perhaps even Brynden (as tTER) himself).

And tNK, indeed his agenda does seem to involve killing Bran (as tTER). As BAD as he looks (and admittedly he does look pretty bad)…

I believe there is good in him (Star Wars call-back “there is good in you father, I feel it”) and he more than anyone realizes that magic has no place among man. It has wrought evil in layers of abundance, and that evil must get destroyed……all the way to the Iron Throne. Imagine watching from afar as the home you once built, once loved fell around you as greed and power ceded all honor and valor.

“I am its memory.” ~Bran referring to the fact that he IS memory of Westeros. He claims that tNK wants so badly to erase man from the earth that wiping out Bran would make that a reality. Again, back to the lies as truth. Why is tNK trying to kill tTER? I would argue it is not to wipe out man, but instead to offer truths. To tell the hard truths that men chose to hide. Man has lived the lies of a false God, one that would turn innocent men to weapons of mass destruction, and then claim ignorance. Worse than ignorance, they claim divinity. I would argue that tNK wants to wipe out the magic that holds him and his WW’s (the first of which were his 12 companions when he was the first last her many millennia ago) in their eternal icy hell.

Let’s remember, the evil WW’s were once just men (and babies) who never asked to be who they are today.

History should not live through the eyes of one entity. It should be shared through stories and written in history. Men who pretend to be Gods (as are the TER’s) are false Gods and with that in mind, they bring destruction.

The lone wolf (false Gods of Men) dies but the pack (men) survives.

The key quote came from Arya when she was hugging Jon in the Godswood and telling him not to forget that THEY are his family. Trust ‘no one’.
The wolves will come again,” said Jojen solemnly.”

We will most likely see Bran (tTER-fire) and BtB (tNK-ice) come to a dramatic and heartbreaking end. Whoever renders the death blow to each of our heroes/villains, will vacillate knowing that they are killing men who had no choice in who they are; BtB never asked for his icy prison, as our Bran did not ask to be tTER. However, neither are who they once were and can never be again.

“Death can be a great way out…”

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