Updating Your Front Porch for Spring!

In Minnesota, it always feels like we are coming our of our cocoon each spring.  After months of snow and what seems like endless grey days, the idea of warmth and bright color is very appealing.  I always love to get the outdoor furniture out from storage and put my black rockers back on the front porch. Then, I look to sprucing up the front porch.  I look forward to painting the door a fun color, replacing doormats, filling my planters and adding accessories.

This is what I am thinking for my front porch this spring and summer!  My porch tends to be more ECLECTIC and has many of these elements below.

Also, I love birdhouses and this one is my favorite (on left) as my oldest son Darek made it in our garage when he was about 10 years old.  I paint it up every year with outdoor paint to preserve it.  Priceless.  Keepsake.

My nephew Nolan made a bird house for me last year that I added with Darek’s.  I upkeep Nolan’s birdhouse as I do Darek’s each year.  Again, priceless and a forever gift!

The first tulip of spring!


Here are some alternate styles and what I would choose when updating my front door for spring!








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