Walmart Glam!

I’ve been noticing that Walmart is stepping up their decor. It’s very impressive

Now, I haven’t exactly seen these pieces in the actual store, but I hope that’s Walmart’s future plan. The new decor and furniture selections is very broad from Glam, Boho, Modern, Industrial, and Farmhouse.

This week let’s check out Walmart Glam. Glam is the style that I navigate toward when it comes to my home. Some of my walls are dark blue and black.  I add lots of touches of white and gold. Many times I’ll try to implement a different style but it always ends up glam. I kind of end up farmhouse glam.

I’ve been eyeing this Novogratz futon (above) that Walmart carries for some time. I love the lines, curves, and tailored look. I think she looks expensive. Oh, I will have you some day!! The cool thing about this piece is that it’s gorgeous but functional being a futon.  With some throw pillows, this would be divine!

Check out this gorgeous light! At WAL-MART!



Let’s talk Metals!  I do like to mix metals as it warms up a space. Using three metals is a good rule.  For example, Style Blueprint got it right with this kitchen below😍. These pieces aren’t from Walmart, well could be, I’m not sure. Just an example of mixing metals. Notice the gold light fixtures, with the copper sink and pan, and the silver touches with the hardware, faucet, and silverware. DREAMY!

Back to Walmart pieces. Imagine different decor pieces on this gold shelf. I would mix different metals, old books, and white pieces of decor. I’m imaging a beautiful dark (black or almost black) wall behind it. I think black is so bold and other colors are so crisp and bold against it. White walls are great too. I’m trying to navigate more toward white walls. When I do, I’ll post it. It’s hard for me to break my habits.

I like a twist of something odd in a space. The copper shine of this bear makes it look Glam and isn’t it odd to have a bear head in a Glam area?  Also below is a picture from, Style Me Pretty, where she used a similar bear head. Remember when you’re decorating to find neat pieces wherever you are. A room doesn’t need to cost a fortune to decorate.


Black, white, and gold always says Glam! 

Love this super glam chair. I imagine that my GLAM-MA pillow would look superb sitting on this chair.



There are several more Glam pieces. Seriously, you must check it out ➡ Walmart Glam.

With decorating always be YOU! If you’re in the mood to redecorate and you feel overwhelmed take ONE room at a time and jazz it up. Eventually, all of your rooms will come together.

Lots of ❤, Roxanne (Glam-ma)



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