Week 3 of the ORC

I started this blog post once and I accidentally erased it, so here it goes again! 😩

I had so many goals this last week, however, none of the goals became a reality. I ended up doing granny daycare for a whole week. My daughter went to Florida for a work trip followed by a little vacation. Trust me, she so deserved the time away. Also, I adore my time with my babygrands!

Goal number one was to wallpaper above the board and batten in my entryway. This is the gorgeous print from @spoonflower

The print didn’t come in anyway, but it should be here by tomorrow so I’m so pumped to get my hands on it and get it up!

The wallpaper will go above the board and batten.

The second goal was to paint this door! They’ll be painted by tomorrow though. They’re going to be a mauv-ish color.. I will admit, I’m a bit nervous to use this paint color, but I’m gonna do it anyway. Heck, it’s just paint and I can always paint over it again.

I’m using this gorgeous Coffee Rose

I’ll share the type of paint I’m using later this week. It’s supposed to have super good bonding.

Third goal is to take the closet doors off and create sitting areas with them. There are two of them on each side of the entryway. Goal is to make them look adorbs with a gorgeous sconce in them.. Like the one below.. okay, I already have one of these sconces so I’ll have to order another one.

Justina Blakeney wall sconce. ❤️

The entryway needs a long runner.. I just can’t find the one I absolutely want.. However this one from E-Sale Rugs is in the lead. I would like something with more texture… or how about the beautiful rug that @vintageporch shared the other day. @richclassdecor asked her if she wanted to design a rug and this is the rug.. the second rug..


I’ve contemplated changing out the entryway light pendants. My current light pendants are fairly new, but I’m just not sold on them. I want something more airy. Totally digging these lotus pendants. I think I need them.. 😬

I have so much to do.. however, these are the goals for this week. It seems to be an evolving space. So who knows what else will happen.

Hey, thank you for following along.. Make sure you check out the other designers and guest participants at



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