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Hi and Welcome!  We are 4 sisters Carla, Roxy, Dawn, Ally (sisters) and our cousin, Pamela!  We are an interesting bunch!  We have differing tastes in some things and YET, we are ALL ANDERSON with some very common threads that bind us (other than our lineage).

Three of the five of us are nurses (Carla, Roxy and Ally) and one thinks she is (WebMD (Dawn) and the last in no way claims any sort of nursing inclination (Pamela).  Dawn has a BS (love that acronym!) in business and finance.  She has her own successful Arbonne business (she is an entrepreneur at heart!) and she has tugged us along (Carla, Roxy and Ally) since she started her business in 2005.  I guess we are all slightly entrepreneur-ish at heart and so we continue to also work on building our businesses in the nooks and crannies (and with much persistence from Dawn!).  Pamela is in the marketing and advertising industry so business savviness is just what she knows!  She also has an amazing eye for ORGANIZATION so look for some interesting posts from her in the future!  Can’t we all be a bit more organized?  She is also an entrepreneur at heart!

The ties that bind?

We are all caretakers at heart.  I believe that to be Anderson means just that, taking care of others!

We are all family oriented!  Our families are everything to us.

We are faith driven!  That is not to say that we are necessarily religious, although some of us are but it is to say that we believe that we are all here for a higher purpose.

We are all also very creative!  It seems that we are no more done with one project and we are already dreaming up the next in our minds.

We are all pretty witty and with (or without) a little wine, down right funny!


And lastly, we are all obsessed with all things LIFE(STYLE)!  Home, beauty, health and wellness, travel and most of all FAMILY!  We will share a little about our lives, a little of what we have learned (mistakes and all) and some fun lifestyle tidbits.  We hope you join us from time to time on our journey and we hope you look forward to reading our blog!



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