What I’m Loving Right Now


I am obsessed!  I got my first clothing ensemble a few weeks back and honestly, I loved all of it!

Initially, I grabbed the green blouse out and at first I was like, this is a mistake….NOT ME!  But then I thought, “my ‘personal stylist’ thought it would be a good fit for me” via my personal profile that I filled out…so maybe…it is me, OR maybe it SHOULD be me.  (I know the Puma socks look amazing with it! 😉

The next piece was a purple shirt with open shoulders, again nothing I would’ve picked out but I loved the simplicity of the shirt, and overall feel and comfort of the shirt (I’m sporting the TOM’s shoes in this photo).

I next pulled out the creamy white sleeveless blouse and although again, nothing I would have picked out at the store, I did find myself intrigued with it.

Next was the item I was most excited about, a pair of medium-dark perfectly fitting (how do they do that?) “skinny” jeans that I can wear both long, and rolled up (sporting those in each pic).

and last, a pair of TOM’s sneakers.  They were floral and I wasn’t sure at first, but they are also fun, and again nothing I would normally choose.  I also love that for every TOM’s purchase, they help a person in need.  One for one.

It’s funny how other than the jeans, none of these items would’ve been my first choice but since receiving my STITCH FIX fix, I have worn each item, at least once!

I apologize for the photos, Rach Parcell professional style photographer I am not, but the pics give you an idea of the overall idea that is STITCH FIX.

I find myself excited and looking forward to my next shipment!  I also find myself on their style questionnaire, answering more questions and giving a thumb up or down to various clothing options.

I got this idea via my brother Chad who gets a similar delivery monthly for golfing via a different company.

The best is that I can choose how often I want my “fix”, every couple of weeks, monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly.

For now, I went with quarterly but that is SO…….F A R…………A   W   A    Y!!!!

So that is what I am loving right now.

If your curious as I was, be careful and be forewarned, it is ADDICTING!

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