What not to wear (again)!

I am in a clothing funk (again)!

I don’t know why?  I know what great style is (I pin some amazing outfits on Pinterest (my favorite past time).

How does it start?  Probably lack of time and being “comfortable”.

These are the things that play through my head on a daily basis:

  1. I’m just going to work, so I can just throw some sweats or comfortable jeans on“.  I wear scrubs at work, hospital scrubs so not even cute scrubs.  I change when I get there, so I wear my clothes to and from and that’s about it.  This is how it begins, the beginning of the clothing funk.  It is a dangerous road because once I start down “comfortable, I don’t care” it’s difficult to climb out!
  2. I should save my clothes for something better“.  Why do I do this?  What am I saving my clothes for?  Do you know how many clothes are in my closet that I have only worn once?  I’m embarrassed to answer that.  It’s obviously somewhat of a learned thing.  I remember for Christmas, we would buy my dad a “nice outfit” or two as gifts.  And every time I would see him after, he would always be wearing his same “old” stuff.  When I would ask him if he liked his new clothes, he would respond “yes, I’m just saving them”.  We never had much money, so I am sure that the idea was to save them for “something better” than just everyday life.
  3. I’m just running errands, no one will care what I have on“.  The TV show “What Not to Wear” always play in my mind when I do this!  I get to the store and I see other woman that are styled out, and then I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror and think, “what would Stacy and Clinton say about this dreadful outfit you have on?”.

Yeah, that’s what they would say.

I loved that show (as long as I wasn’t on it)!

I have been in these funks before.  My sister Dawn called me out once when I was wearing a Mickey Mouse shirt.  She told me that I was “frumpy”.  I was about 30 at the time.  Let me repeat that, I was 30 and wearing Mickey Mouse out as an OUTFIT.  Yep, I am serious, mommy-hood had worked its (non)magic!

But, she was right.  It just hurt to hear it!  It was soon after this that I started in Arbonne and I realized I had to step it up a notch!  Presenting premium skin care in a Mickey Mouse shirt wasn’t going to make for great sales!

Besides, no one puts baby in a corner (always wanted to use that line)!

<So I got fashion friendly!  That lasted for awhile.






But then life happens and work happens……and life happens and work happens…..and life happens and work happens…and….you get the idea.

And, so recently I found myself in a funk again (minus the Mickey Mouse shirt).  Everyday it’s skinny yoga pants and a t-shirt of some sort.  I may throw a hoodie on to spice things up!  Even though I would know that I should wear something different, I would think that a trip to the store didn’t warrant breaking out my new jeans or capri’s much less a dressy top.  I didn’t even wear a dress to my nieces summer wedding last year!  Nope, linen pants and a “dressier” t-shirt (hey, it had lace on it!).

I began to realize I was in need of some serious help!

I realized what I needed was an intervention, both mind and closet!  So I started to look at some fashion blogs, and my interest started to pique!

Then I turned to Pinterest for some serious inspiration!  There is always a lot to be inspired by on Pinterest but I found one of my favorites, Michelle!

<How cute is she?  Even at the airport!





But I also needed “reality” inspiration, like “real everyday people I know not an actress or supermodel” type people.

<Meet my sister Roxy!  She is all about fashion these days!  She always looks amazing even when she is just running around doing errands or with her grandchildren (one hanging off each arm).  She came to my house not long ago, dead of winter in cute jeans, a divine top with a flowing sweater and topped it all off with knee high boots!  Oh yes, hair and make up were also perfect.  I’m not sure I even changed out of my pajamas the whole time.  Oh yes, I did.  I ran the dogs to the groomers and went to the grocery store, so I slipped on my…..yep, skinny yoga pants with a sweatshirt.


So first, I realized I had to change my way of thinking!  A trip to the store can warrant a cute outfit!  Why am I saving these clothes?  What magical thing has to happen that I decide it’s okay to wear a nice outfit?

And then I had to have a closet intervention!  I went shopping and then I ransacked my closet.  Anything that was outdated or I have only worn once was donated!  The other problem I needed to kick to the curb?  Buying things on sale that I didn’t necessarily LOVE or even like all that much.  I never save money doing this.  I waste money because then I don’t wear any of it!

So, I went to the store and just bought what I loved without looking at the tag (I’ll be honest, I did peruse the clearance rack once, old habits die hard).

I then reorganized my closet so that each item was hung like it was in a store.

And today, I wore some of my new clothes.  No where special.  Movie and errands.  It felt good and I felt prettier, isn’t that weird?  It’s not the material aspect but rather just a change in how I am perceiving my worth!  It’s like I gave myself permission to enjoy something that is so basic as wearing nice clothes.

I realize I need to stop reserving my cute outfits!  Who’s with me?  If you’re not already wearing your favorite pieces all the time (I know some of you already are and good for you!), how about joining me in turning that around?  Why shouldn’t a trip to the grocery store or work be good enough for wearing your closet favorites?

All it takes is a little attitude adjustment…

And for inspiration, dress like Clinton and Stacy are watching.  Imagine them popping out of a clothing rack or from around the corner to start a fashion intervention!

Instead of wearing something that may get this reaction…..




Wear something that gets this reaction!


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