where the he//o have we been, you ask?


not sure if you remember us? We had what started as a small hiatus, which has turned into a long hiatus? We figured we better get our butts back blogging as we have had people ask things like: did you get abducted by aliens? did you leave the country? did you die? NOPE, none of that!

See, the truth is that we are actually secret assassins that in our “down time”, are out saving the world from evil dark lords that are set to rule the universe with their host of white walkers whilst winter is approaching….

Wait, I think I am confusing Avengers and Game of thrones there….

In reality, we are FOUR blondes (our cousin is MIA mostly) that get easily distracted!

We are working on some new stuff and will be getting some posts out ASAP!

We are really going to season things up a bit and show you our very different and yet similar personalities. We all have different content that I think will be awesome to share.

We will still have some stories, as people seem to like those but we will have a rich conglomeration on various life events!

The silent girls are back…so stay tuned!

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