I’m  telling you, I’m so in love with Target’s Opalhouse collection. All of it! I’m so inspired! The collection is whimsical, Boho, nature inspired, and a dreamy wonderland.

Opalhouse from Target reminds me of a designer that I love, Addison’s Wonderland. Her flair for decor is literally a wonderland. She uses color, prints, and different decor combinations.

I decided to buy a wallpaper print from Target. It’s not from Opalhouse collection, but still beautiful! It’s called Humingbirds – Mirage & Beluga, and here is the print below! What a Wonderland, right? I think it’s so dreamy and colorful.

I’m not even sure where I’m going to put it yet, but I’m thinking it will be a back drop to some kitchen cabinets.

Addisons Wonderland inspires me as she uses many beautiful prints in her home. Check it out below: look at that green ottoman with the off centered print. The print  says, “always keep your beautiful imagination &  exquisite humor”. That quote reminds me to never get caught up in trends but decorate how I love. I felt that I was recently getting caught up into decor trends that didn’t say Roxanne, and I think I needed some Opalhouse and Addison’s Wonderland to remind me to keep doing me. I feel so much more inspired when I keep it real to my own style.

Oh for heavens… I love the daring print on the wall below, with the super bold headboards, and natural elements of the ceiling lights, window blind, and chair. Seriously, this could come right out of Allison’s Wonderland. So whimsical!   The patterns again: wallpaper, curtains, and shiplap. The wallpaper is to die for.. it’s literally trees with blue leaves. Check out the curtains in the backdrop, and the dark ceiling in the hallway. So many different elements to catch the eye. Whimsical, whimsical, whimsical!!!

Please post a picture of your whimsical wonderland style! Would love to see it!


Lots of ❤,


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