Would You Go To A Movie Alone?

No plans this weekend?  Everyone is busy?  Head to a movie!  But you don’t want to go alone…..

But why let that fact deter from heading to a favorite flick or a new movie?  When polled, only a very small percentage of people would head to a movie by themselves. People say that they feel like “people will think they are a loner or a loser without friends”.  So, what people are most worried about is how they are perceived by others.  Ah, social acceptance, this always seems to be a determinate no matter what the age or circumstance.  It’s a sad reason to forego a movie (social acceptance) that you would no doubt enjoy just as much, and maybe even more, if you just went to the movie, alone or not.  Truly movies don’t require interaction, and one shouldn’t feel that they are socially a loner, or a loser by choosing to see a movie alone.

It is a sign of aplomb to head to a movie alone.

Personally, I would have no problem seeing a movie by myself.  I have, in the past, gone to movies by myself.  I wanted to see SOLO the other day and at first, no one wanted to go with me.  So, I was going to go by myself.  Then my nephew decided to go, as well as my brother.  But for a while my husband, Bruce (who doesn’t really do movies) was thinking of going because he “felt bad I would have to go alone”.

So, would you go to a movie alone?

Here are a few reasons why you SHOULD see a movie by yourself.

  1. You can go to whichever film you want, no judgement (except from the person you’re buying the ticket from).
  2. Finding a last minute seat will most likely not be a problem, plus you can sit wherever you want.
  3. You don’t have to make idle conversation.
  4. You can people watch (that is always interesting!).
  5. If you tear up, there are no witnesses.
  6. If your scared, there are no witnesses.
  7. There’s no need for explanation every time you have to go to the bathroom or refill your popcorn.
  8. You can lounge in your seat and claim both armrests.
  9. If you don’t like the movie, you can just leave.
  10. Feel empowered that there are other SOLO (Han would go alone!) movie goers there that are alone as well.
  11. AND the popcorn is ALL yours!

There you have it, some reasons to head solo (get it?, Solo?) to a movie!  Honestly, once you go to a movie alone, you will realize that it’s no big deal at all.  You may even find that going alone is preferable, at times, depending on the type of movie you choose to see.



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